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Samsung Phone Repair

Whether you cracked main led or just glass but firstly it is important to have basic knowledge about Samsung. Last Been 5 years Most of user moving to Samsung or another android phones. Replacement parts for Samsung Mobile phones are not as easy to get but compare to apple parts can be find. Samsung use high resolution LCD screens, so if you buy a cheap aftermarket replacement it will be easy to recognised.Mobile Expert are one of only mobile phone repair shops in Brisbane repaired glass on Samsung phones. As long as the front glass is broken and main led functioning correctly, it is our promise to save your led so you will save money. Repairing your Samsung glass not a easy job its take lots of time and precision to be completed successfully.

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Samsung Phone Repair
Samsung phones are one of the best smartphones in the market. The sleek curves, classy outlook, fast processors and quality camera are some features that make this brand so popular.

In an era where we have become dependent upon technology to help us with many tasks, our phones are for more than just making a phone call; we do almost everything with them. Receiving mails, managing a team of people at work via WhatsApp groups, selling stuff on WhatsApp (Business), managing our social media; literally everything that can be done using technology. More reason as to why you need a fast, dependable Samsung phone repair contact near you in case of any hitches.

Here at Mobile Expert in Brisbane, Australia, we have years of experience fixing Samsung Galaxy phones of all models. Whether your Samsung phone is suffering from a cracked screen, water damage, a stuck button, a dead battery or any other issue, Mobile Expert is here to help.

Some common Samsung Galaxy phone problems

Samsung touchscreen doesn’t work

If your phone has had one too many fall downs, this could be the reason your touchscreen has become unresponsive. Other culprits could be fake screen protector or an old one or corrupted software that has stopped most apps in your phone or something that is making your phone's sensory feature to your fingers stop working. Whatever the case, it is important that you take your phone for a check-up at a mobile phone repair shop to prevent further or even a total breakdown of the phone that may even lead to its death. Our technicians are always readily available and all diagnosis takes a few minutes.

Samsung phone battery doesn’t charge

The old myth is actually very true; don't use your phone while charging it because over time it wears out your battery. This is the major reason why most smartphones not just the Samsung galaxy alone batteries go dead. But if the water is spill already, we can help solve the situation. At Mobile Expert, we pride ourselves in selling the best all parts of the Samsung galaxy phone you might require from batteries to original chargers, screen protectors, new quality screens and all. Kindly book an appointment with us and have us replace your Samsung phone battery, will only take a few minutes and you have your phone back working as good as new.

Samsung phone gets so hot then turns itself off

There is nothing as annoying as an overheating phone that turns itself on and off repeatedly and even if you try to remove the battery or open it up and leave it to cool; the moment you turn it back on, the same happens. It's annoying and you can't rely on it especially if you expect some important calls that day. This is one of the many signs that show your battery needs replacement. Don't hold on to it any further, come and have it checked and replaced immediately.

Samsung Galaxy Screen is shattered

Nothing more dreadful that can happen to your expensive Samsung Galaxy phone like shattering your screen, it's a nightmare. You can't use it plus all the beauty that was once there that attracted you to the phone is gone with all the cracks. Everybody loves a sleek looking and functional phone. If this is your situation, we can help fix your problem.

Mobile Expert new phone screens are top quality and we do the replacing within minutes. Our technicians have handled and replaced many Samsung screens over the years and so this would be a pleasure to us. Everything we do, we do with a passion and we guarantee the screen replaced (as long as you promise to avoid those accidents in future) will last with the phone's lifetime.

My Samsung Galaxy’s Headphone Jack is not working

It is important to answer your calls, watch your videos or listen to your music with privacy or not having to interrupt others in the same room so a functioning headphone jack port is equally necessary. If you notice that when you try to put headphones, there's no sound you can hear and you have confirmed the headphones are not faulty it might be time for a replacement. All these parts of a Samsung Galaxy phone can be replaced; you need not buy a new phone or live with a non-functional phone. It is a good feeling when you are satisfied fully with the phone you are using, and it is our joy to see clients happy and smiling again after a visit from our shop. A seamlessly working phone is equal to a happy life, it is the little joys.

My Samsung Galaxy’s Camera is faulty

Let's be honest apart from storage space and a fast processor, one of the other major factors for consideration when purchasing a phone is the size and quality of the front and back camera. A functioning camera is a vital feature in any smartphone; you can use photos taken to do online business and so much more. So when the camera of a phone stops working, it becomes less fun and can even warrant one to invest in a new phone. The signs include blurry photos, poor quality videos when on a video call or a black screen when you open up your camera. At Mobile Expert, this is a minor issue and you need not live another day in your life sulking over a malfunctioning phone camera, call us and we will sort your camera out and have it working as good as new.

My Samsung Galaxy microphone is not working

We totally get it, this is also not a small issue, the phone is there for you to receive or make calls but if it cannot serve the main purpose why phones were invented in the first place, then of what use is it? If people on the other end complaining that your voice is unclear, scratchy or accompanies by annoying background noise, its time for a new microphone, as mentioned earlier, the replacement will only take a few minutes and have your phone back ready to enjoy making calls to your friendly audibly.

Wrapping up

Are you in Brisbane, Australia and you are having issues with your Samsung Galaxy phone and you are not ready to break the bank for minor repairs? Contact Mobile Expert today and we will restore your smile back on your face. With the frequent upgrades and new series of phones that Samsung releases yearly, it can be a challenge to locate a repair shop that can handle and repair every type of Samsung Galaxy. We are your one-stop-shop for all your Samsung galaxy repair needs