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MacBook Repairs

Is your Macbook troubling you? Are you in search of a reliable and affordable MacBook repair service centre that would provide you with the best repairs for your faulty or malfunctioning device? Well mate, rely on the services from Mobile Expert. We are the professionally trained, well-versed technicians having in-depth knowledge and expertise in repairing your highly sophisticated gadget. We follow the best repair techniques for your priced possession. Most of our clients have acclaimed our approach to your Macbook repair. Our proficiency in the field can be made out of the fact that more than 95% of the faulty cases we deal with is a SUCCESS!

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Macbook Repair Services In Brisbane
The sleek design, fast processors, backlit keyboards and graphic design features are some of what makes the Apple MacBook one of the most preferred and popular laptops in the world today, unfortunately, all that comes with a price and not a cheap one and that is why in the unfortunate event of a breakdown you need a reliable and qualified computer repair expert to handle your MacBook. You cannot take chances with your precious gadget.

At Mobile Expert, we understand that accidents happen and we also get what your Mac means to you and that is why we make sure those accidents are fixed to the highest quality possible. From a broken screen, faulty battery, charging port, or any software issue, we will ensure it is fixed with the best parts and service possible.

Our Mac services include:

MacBook Broken LCD Replacement/ MacBook Screen Replacement

MacBook Airs are light, slim and nicely portable, but this also makes them very sensitive and delicate. A slight drop, bend or squeezing in a backpack can cause the screen to get broken or have cracks. We get many complaints about the Mac screen and in most cases; we replace the screen with a new one. The cost of a new screen depends on the size and which type of Mac. At Mobile Expert, we stock quality screens at the best price and our labor fees are very reasonable.

Another common problem that occurs with computer screens is a dimming of the screen. In such a case, the screen contents can be seen, but the display is very faint. There is also a black screen issue, whatever the case, we will test the components to determine the problem and advise on how to fix your Mac screen.

Select your macbook model to learn more about repairing this device.

MacBook Water Damage

Our number one repair is the MacBook broken screen repair, but the water damage is also a common complaint. Here is a list of components that are damaged when liquid enters your laptop from our experience dealing with clients complaints:

Motherboard / Logic board
Screen Display
Hard drive

MacBook Logic Board replacement

The logic board is the term used for the motherboard in MacBook’s, which contains the circuit and features that allow your computer to function. Common logic board failure signs include problems with the MacBook’s power, graphics card and other strange behaviours.

With water spillage, don't panic because in most cases we have seen, replacement is not always necessary. If the liquid had just corroded the motherboard, professional cleaning is only what is required to get your MacBook back up and running, but if the motherboard was completely submerged, a new one will be required.

Another major sign of a MacBook logic board failure is the laptop not turning on at all when you long-press the power button. While a dead battery could also be the reason for this issue, failure to power on even with the power cord is plugged in signals logic board issues. In some other cases, your computer may power on but unexpectedly shut down on its own before booting process is complete, or it may boot up but keep shut down randomly while using it. Another signal to show a faulty logic board is your MacBook completely freezing to a point where you have to forcefully hold down the power button to make it off power on and off. All the above are indicators of a failing motherboard.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement

Most liquid spillages lead to keyboard failures like the wrong keys coming up when pressed or even causing your MacBook to not power on as the power button is part of the keyboard. Replacement of keyboard is quite a necessity, in this case, so make sure the keyboard you are getting is a good quality brand and the replacement is done seamlessly.

MacBook Battery Replacement

Liquid spillage can lead to destroying the life of your MacBook battery. Some common laptop battery problems;

The battery runs out, quickly
The MacBook is only working while on charge
A constant display of an "X" where the battery sign is
The battery is not charging at all

A new battery will resolve most of the issues above, but sometimes power issues can be caused by a faulty power jack, which is usually fixed by soldering a new jack in its place. At Mobile Expert, we can fix any MacBook power and battery issues.

MacBook RAM Upgrades

A Mac RAM upgrade can help with issues of your computer running slow or hanging. More memory will enhance your Macs workability. You will get a faster and more powerful machine. It may sound like an easy thing to do but some laptops like the latest MacBook’s have their RAM chip inserted directly on the motherboard which requires handling with caution because in the process you may tamper with the logic board. If this is your dilemma, come and have our technicians do the upgrading for you.

MacBook Backlighting Issues

Backlight problems are frequent in MacBook’s, where the screen will be severely dim and will not light up even on increasing the brightness. MacBook’s develop this issue mostly because of dust building up in the Backlight circuit on the motherboard, leading to dampness and eventually destroying the features.

MacBook Backlight problems can be because of several reasons, however, the main culprit's things but the main culprits are the logic board, LC cable or the screen. Because of this, it is difficult to say for certain what is required without looking at the device first. We first diagnose the machine, and then we advise on what exactly needs replacement.

MacBook Virus Removal services

With our many years of experience, we can affirmatively tell you that viruses at some point will affect your machine. Viruses, Trojans, worms, and other malicious software cause your laptop to run extremely slowly and can sometimes even lead to a crash of the hard drive. We will help you clean your laptop and install an antivirus for you and have your laptop working as fast as new.

Wrapping Up

Are you looking for professional MacBook repair service in Brisbane, Australia? Mobile Expert is here for all your MacBook related problems, no matter how complex. We offer many Mac repair services whether yours is MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac series. The repair offers to include MacBook water damage repair, MacBook Pro graphics card issue, MacBook keyboard replacement, MacBook battery repair, MacBook Pro SSD upgrade, MacBook screen repair, Mac data recovery, iMac repairs and SO MUCH MORE.