MacBook Repairs

The sleek design, fast processors, backlit keyboards and graphic design features are some of what makes the Apple MacBook one of the most preferred and popular laptops in the world today, unfortunately, all that comes with a price and not a cheap one and that is why in the unfortunate event of a breakdown you need a reliable and qualified computer repair expert to handle your MacBook. You cannot take chances with your precious gadget.

At iRepair, we understand that accidents happen and we also get what your Mac means to you and that is why we make sure those accidents are fixed to the highest quality possible. From a broken screen, faulty battery, charging port, or any software issue, we will ensure it is fixed with the best parts and service possible.

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Premium Parts
Only the best quality makes it to your phone
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High quality at low prices
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We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
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We ensure your phone is always in safe hands
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Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security

MacBook repair services in Brisbane

If you’ve been wondering, “Where can I find MacBook repairs near me?”, wonder no longer. At Mobile Experts, we’re experts in troubleshooting and fixing the most common problems afflicting Apple laptops. From MacBook screen repairs to hard drive replacements, MacBook liquid damage repair and more, we’ll be able to restore your MacBook to its former glory and get you back to work faster.

We understand that accidents happen, and we also get what your Mac means to you. From vital work to sentimental photographs, media collections and more, we care about restoring your data and keeping your machine running. Whether it’s a broken screen, faulty battery, charging port, or any software issue, we will ensure it is fixed with the best parts and service possible.

MacBook Broken LCD Replacement/ MacBook Screen Repairs

MacBook Airs are light, slim and nicely portable, but this also makes them very delicate. Even a small drop can often cause the screen to break or crack. We get many clients coming in about their Mac screen after searching for “MacBook repairs near me”. The cost of a new screen depends on the size and type of Mac. At Mobile Experts, we stock quality screens at the best price, and our labour fees are very reasonable.

Another common problem that occurs with MacBooks is the dimming of the screen. While the screen contents can be seen, the display is very faint. Or there is also a black screen issue. Whatever the case, we will test the components to determine the problem and advise you on how to fix your Mac screen.

MacBook liquid damage repair

Our number one service is the MacBook screen repair, but water damage is also a common complaint that can affect Apple users.

When liquid enters your machine, many components can be affected, including:
  • Motherboard / Logic board
  • Keyboard
  • Battery
  • Screen Display
  • Hard drive
Our team has plenty of experience in dealing with MacBook liquid damage repair, and we’ll work to fix whatever issue you have as quickly as possible.

If you need to get your Mac back up and running, get in touch with us today to book in your MacBook repair.