iPhone XS Repairs
After iPhone X ushered in a total rethinking of future iPhones, iPhone XS followed as an updated, high-end phone with terrific display, great sound quality and longer battery life, however this is not without some defects, it’s sleek glass exterior makes it susceptible for broken screen ‘replacement.
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iPhone XS broken screen replacement in Brisbane, Australia
This is a huge issue with the iPhone XS where the screen cracks very easily, its huge display doesn’t help either as this gives way to a lot of applications making this inevitable eventually, luckily for you, our experts are well versed to deal with this issue, with replacement stocks, considerable prices and good understanding of time you need to get back on track on your busy schedule, we won’t keep you waiting, you will have your phone back in no time to keep enjoying your favorite device. We also have a range of screen protectors to protect you from similar future incidents
iPhone XS Motherboard Replacement in Brisbane, Australia
AUnfortunately but also something users might go through, we recommend in the event a liquid seeps into the phone for a long period of time especially for over 30 minutes, you should let it dry for up to five hours before using it or even charging, we recommend otherwise if it doesn’t respond for you to bring it to us at our shop as iPhone doesn’t have a warranty against liquid damage. So to avoid getting your device further damaged let us have a look at it. If the motherboard is damaged by the liquid we can have it replaced in no time!
iPhone XS Battery Replacement in Brisbane, Australia
Basically new generation iPhones such as this one have a good battery life however charging issues are not uncommon. The charge gate issue, where the device will fail to charge if it had been off for a while and only begin to charge if the screen is on and better features means the battery drains very quickly so before considering battery replacement, get in touch we figure out the main issue behind any battery issue you may be having
iPhone XS Network and Connectivity issues
You may experience poor network signal reception with this one, a software update might fix this one, however if you still find yourself experiencing the same get in touch as well

You may also experience Bluetooth connectivity issues with the device temporarily, if this persists as well as Wi-Fi reception which you can fix this issue by resetting the network, we can have you up and running in no time!

Basically the iPhone XS is a very expensive high-end phone, so don’t just trust anyone to handle it as further damage may lead make it more costly to repair, so work with well experienced mobile experts like us