iPhone X Repairs
iPhone X took the market by storm by its revolutionary technology and sleek, all-glass design. If your phone however is damaged and needs repair, trust us the experts in Brisbane Australia to give you customer-satisfying Iphone X repair solutions
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Premium Parts
Only the best quality makes it to your phone
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High quality at low prices
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Mobile repair right where you are
12 Months Warranty
We offer 12 months warranty on screen repair services
Expert Technician
We ensure your phone is always in safe hands
Guaranteed Safety
Be it buyback or repair, we are the safest hands for your device security
Cracked or Broken screen
If your phone is cracked, broken, shattered, scratched or just malfunctioning, then this is the most convenient and affordable place for reliable repairs. Cracked screens are a nuisance, they can make use of the phone difficult with dead spots, malfunctioning and probable discoloration, screen replacement is the best solution.

We deal in Iphone X revolutionary LCD screen replacement and are well equipped to handle its complex technology and the many components involved. This can be done by our experts in no time at all as replacement screens are available in stock and at the most cost effective way possible!

Remember to ask for a wide variety of Iphone X cases and screen protectors to protect your phone from future damage
Motherboard problems
This can lead to a variety of problems, error messages, overheating, slow device speed, installation complications among others, so trust the experts at Brisbane to do professional trouble shooting based on years of experience and the best part being availability of the technology and skill to successfully restore your Iphone X, stored information and other internal components. Our friendly staff will give you a pleasant experience as they do all the explaining of the complex technological details second to none in Brisbane.

As usual we honour time frames and all this is going to be done in the most convenient time possible!
Battery problems
iPhone X has multiple uses for much more than just calls, battery issues can be very inconveniencing to hinder you from getting the ultimate value of your money. Sometimes the issue can be a system failure or sometimes rather an issue relating to its battery capacity.

Your battery might not hold a charge or drains fast! Or maybe have an issue with its charging port.

Avoid running around looking for outlets to charge your phone, borrowing chargers or considering getting a power bank! Let us fix your battery today cost effectively, especially if you have tried all necessary steps to conserve your battery like putting on the low power mode or changing the screen resolution and still your phone won’t hold charge. We fix battery issues and do battery replacements with our prices being completely fair!
Water Damage
In case you have accidentally dipped your Iphone X in the pool, go through a wash or spilled a liquid on it, our experts as well are here to help, we recommend you do a little trouble shooting before bringing it to us to save your delicate information by avoid pushing any buttons, using a hair drier! This will force the liquid further into the circuits. Avoid turning on the phone back on as well. Instead get in touch and let us help you