iPhone Motherboard Repair
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iPhone logic board can cause a number of problems if it doesn’t function properly. You may receive an error message, or the phone may cause overheating, or it go dead. At Mobile Expert, you will get skilled technicians to have a quick and affordable repair for circuit boards. Right from simple sim card reader repairs to replacing IC’s and other SMD components- we do it all for you.

A Few Common Problems Caused By Motherboard Damage:

Motherboard repair is a quite complex and time-consuming procedure that requires accuracy in techniques. Here are a few motherboard issues explained:

  • Liquid Damage to Your iPhone: Have you just dropped your iPhone in the water? Doesn’t matter, whether it has IP67 or IP68 water resistance rating, the iPhone rubber seal between the screen and metal frame become soft and degrades over the span of usage. Even, the seal gets damaged faster when the iPhone gets hot upon using GPS or gaming for prolonged hours.

    25% of the iPhone users reportedly damaged their iPhone by spilling the water accidentally. Even 15% of iPhone buyers are found to have liquid damage due to a broken iPhone. Well, our certified electricians have the expertise to troubleshoot and repair the water-damaged iPhone.
  • Audio IC: People often drop their phone that causes small cracks on the screen. And, just like cracks, a hard drop can damage the motherboard too. So, if you find glitches after dropping the phone, it denotes audio IC failure, where you will experience creaking sound, interrupted loudspeaker and microphone issue.
  • Baseband: You will experience no service, dropped calls, missing modem firmware in the setting etc. on your device.
  • Battery Connector: When the battery connector on the motherboard gets broken, your device will run only after purring it on the charge.
  • Phone Getting Really hot.
  • Not Charging ( U2 IC ISSUES )
  • NO Network
  • No Wi-Wi
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Our Expertise to Deal With the Motherboard Damage
  • iPhone power management repair
  • iPhone data recovery
  • iPhone U2 (Tristar) chip repair
  • iPhone X touch issues
  • 6s backlight repair
  • FPC connector repair
  • 6 and 6 plus u2 chip repair
  • iPhone changing chip repair
  • iPhone 7 & 7 plus repair
  • Water damage repair
  • iPhone 7 backlight issue repair
  • Wi-Fi Chip Repairs
  • Crystal Oscillator Replacement
  • iPhone 7 & 7 plus audio chip repair
A Quick And Reliable Fix for Your iPhone With Micro Soldering
Micro soldering resolves the issues at a microscopic level. Instead of looking for motherboard or device replacement, which can cost you more- micro soldering melt a soft metal in your motherboard to join and hold circuitry in place for the proper functioning of your phone.

So, is it the battery connector that has damaged while repairing the screen? Or you have damaged something else without your knowledge? Or your phone is not turning on? The consequences may indicate short circuit or chip failed, and we are here to address all your concern.
Other Services That We Offer
We repair computers as well as the iPad. Apart from repairing different issues, we are available 24/7 to book repairing for your gadget. While offering fast repairing, our services come up with 6-months of warranty. We deliver the repaired devices at your doorstep as per your flexible time.

With proven methods and reliable parts, we offer professional iPhone repairing. We have successfully repaired 99% of the iPhone devices so far.

However, in an unlikely event, where we can't repair your iPhone, you only have to pay for a diagnostic fee and return postage. For the problems we don’t have a solution, we will be happy to discuss with you other options to have a new device in place of the broken one.

Our unmatched customer service will keep you updating you the status of the repair and may contact you for the further options.

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