About iPad 9th Generation Repairs
The iPad 9th Generation 10.2 inches is also referred to as iPad 9. It succeeds the Apple iPad 8th Generation. The iPad 9th Generation has fantastic features and a great economic value which makes it appealing to users. This tablet computer has the same sleek design as the 7th and 8th Generation iPad, and it has a screen size of 10.2inches. The iPad 9th Generation has an IOS operating system, and it comes in alluring colors of silver and space grey. It is well-suited with Apple Pencil 1st generation, smart keyboard, and smart keyboard attachments. The iPad 9th Generation comes with an Apple A13 Bionic chip with a neural engine which gives it increased performance compared to the previous series. Its retina display of 1620 by 2160 pixels is the same as earlier models and consists of True Tone technology, which means the display can regulate its temperature based on the surrounding light temperature. Another unique feature that the iPad 9th Generation has is its new 12 MP front camera which is an improvement from the older versions. This new camera feature is built with center stage technology which senses the user and shifts the camera view during video recording and calls with the use of on-device processing. The iPad storage capacity has also been doubled to 64 GB. The iPad 9 has up to 10 hours of battery life. As technology evolves, gadgets get more sophisticated with enhanced features. With years of usage, wear and tear become inevitable. The hardware and delicate software components of the iPad are prone to damage. If your iPad has a need for any of these: screen replacement, charging port replacement, motherboard replacement, battery replacement, and water damage repairs. Do not hesitate, immediately contact Mobile Expert in Brisbane, Australia, the reputable and skilled iPad repairer!
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iPad 9th Generation Screen Replacement
The iPad 9th Generation has a 10.2 inches non-laminated LED-backlit IPS display with fingerprint magnet, and oleophobic coating. It is designed with a 2,160 by 1,620-resolution screen, which has a pixel density of 264ppi and 500 nits of extreme brightness. The iPad 9 no doubt has a fortified screen, but it has no ingress protection, thus, it should be kept away from elements that can cause damage to the screen. iPad screens are prone to damages arising from falls, which leads to breaking and cracking. Broken glass and other screen complications can make your iPad difficult to use. Do not use an iPad with cracked glass; it is dangerous and capable of causing injury. If your iPad is broken or cracked, do not attempt to repair yourself. Do not disassemble the iPad, it can damage it, and it may also cause you injury. For the sake of your iPad don’t go D-I-Y, avoid putting toothpaste, nail polish, or superglue in an attempt to stop cracks on your iPad. This can do more harm to your screen than you can imagine by further spreading the cracks. It can also remove the oleophobic coating on it. For any iPad screen problem, a replacement is a high-priority fix. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your iPad 9th Generation screen replacement, look no further than Mobile Expert in Brisbane, Australia. We are experts at fixing all iPad models. We will replace your damaged iPad 9 Generation screen with a high-quality screen. We also stock a variety of iPad screen protectors for all iPad models to protect your device from future accidents.
iPad 9th Generation Battery Replacement
The iPad 9th Generation has an 8557 mAh (32.4 Wh) up to 10 hours of battery life. Ideally, an iPad should last a whole working day and this should not be a problem. You have been enjoying your iPad for quite some time, and it serves you well, but you realize that the battery depletes faster these days. You keep grabbing your charger now and then to sustain your battery life. Hey! It’s a sign that all is not well with your battery, because, over time, iPad batteries degrade. One thing you want to look out for is if your battery is swollen. A swollen battery may be noticeable from the pressure it transfers to the screen, which might eventually break it. At this point, the problem doubles a bad battery and a cracked screen. A swollen battery may also not be easily noticed, so take a look at your battery to ascertain this. If you see that your battery is swollen stop charging your iPad immediately because swollen batteries can explode on charging. Relax, there is no cause for alarm, there is an expert in Brisbane, Australia. Mobile Experts are professionals in iPad 9th Generation battery replacement and all other iPad series. Mobile Expert also handles screen replacement, motherboard replacement, and water damage repairs. We stock genuine batteries with a warranty.