iPad 7th Generation Repairs Services

The Apple iPad 10.2 is also known as the iPad 7th Generation, is a tablet computer made of metal glass and plastic. It was launched on September 25th, 2019. The iPad comes with unique business user–friendly features for better efficiency. The iPad 7th Generation has a 10.2-inch retina display, the first to have a bigger retina in the iPad line-up. It has a smart connector that allows it to use the smart keyboard. The beauty of this iPad is its ease of use and flexibility; it has nearly two million apps to select from. Whether it is used for Business, academic, or entertainment purposes, its full-sized keyboard and pencil make a good companion. The iPad’s A10 Fusion chip enables the simultaneous smooth running of multiple apps. The tablet computer also comes with the Touch ID biometric fingerprint security feature to protect your files. The iPad 7th Generation comes in eye-catching colours of Silver, Space Gray, and Gold. It comes in two storage choice capacities of 32 GB or 128 GB. The iPad weighs 483 g (Wi-Fi) and 493 g (LTE) (1.06 lb). It comes with a frontal 1.2MP FaceTime HD camera and a rear HD 8MP camera. The iPad 10.2 has a 32.4-watt-hour built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. It functions on an iPad's operating system and is built to support both Nano-SIM and eSIM. Even with advanced technology and careful handling, iPads are prone to wear and tear. Both the external and sensitive internal electronic components can also be damaged. If your iPad requires screen replacement, charging port replacement, motherboard replacement, battery replacement, and water damage repairs. We recommend you contact Mobile Expert in Brisbane, Australia, the reputable and skilled iPad repairer!
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iPad 7th Generation Screen Replacement

The iPad 7th Generation's screen is perhaps the most important component of this device. Its screen is made of thin, scratch-resistant resilient glass. This glass is oleophobic (oil-repelling) in nature which resists fingerprints coating. Although the iPad’s screen is scratch-resistant, it is not indestructible. That is why if you accidentally drop your iPad, it can break. It can also get scratched by metals such as keys or even pens. There is no doubt that your iPad 10.2 is pricey, so when it happens that your screen cracks your countenance drops. It is a bad feeling!

If the cracks are minimal some D-I-Y advocates have suggested using toothpaste and nail polish to stop further cracks. Please do not try these on your iPad. Apple warns that you should not use alcohol, ammonia, solvents, or abrasives on your iPad; these can reduce the life span of the oleophobic coating. When your iPad 7th Generation cracks, it is advisable in your interest to go for an iPad screen replacement in Brisbane. This is because the cracks will start spreading, and the problem could turn out to be worse than you thought.
If you are looking for a cost-effective solution for your iPad 7th Generation screen replacement, look no further than Mobile Expert in Brisbane, Australia. We are experts at repairing all iPad models. We will do a screen replacement of your damaged iPad 7 Generation screen with a high-quality screen. We also stock a variety of iPad screen protectors for all iPad models to protect your phone from future accidents.

iPad 7th Generation Battery Replacement

The iPad 7th Generation has a 32.4 watt-hour built-in rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. This means longer battery life for the iPad. It has a capacity for 10 hours of video play. As with every device, the newer a battery, the more efficient it is. With age comes the decline in battery power. The first sign that all is not well with your iPad 7th Generation battery is that the battery does not last long as it used to. When you notice that you need to grab your iPhone charger constantly, because your device does not take you through the day, your iPad may be due for a battery replacement.

At Mobile Expert, in Brisbane, we are skilled in the repair of all iPad series without hassle. Another sign of battery-gone bad is when the battery of your iPad 7th Generation swells, though this is not visible, because the battery is inside the iPad. The result of this is that pressure mounts on the screen, causing pressure marks that look like blemishes. If the battery is not removed on time, the continuous swelling and pressure will cause screen cracks. By then you will be having two issues to deal with, battery and screen replacements but not to worry! Mobile Expert in Brisbane Australia are professionals in iPad 7th Generation battery replacement, screen replacement, motherboard replacement, and water damage repairs. We are dealers in genuine parts!