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Samsung S10 Screen Repair
$399 inc GST & Repair
Model: SM-G970*
Turnover Time: 12 - 24 hour
Warranty: Lifetime
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$399 inc GST & Repair
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Samsung S10 Screen Repair in Brisbane

Guaranteed Repairs Available in Queensland

Dropped your Samsung Galaxy S10 and cracked your screen? Don’t have to worry about it. This is the most common repair we do and we can get this done for you ASAP.

As it so happens; you’ve dropped your Samsung S10 model into your commode. So, does that mean everything is lost now? Mobile Expert– specialising in smartphone repair services in Brisbane believes it most certainly is not. This phone is like no other, and you have quickly become dependant on it for all your daily tasks, connections, and entertainment.

But if your Samsung Galaxy S10 becomes damaged for any reason, you can come to a crashing halt. Enter in Mobile Expert. A certified, expert repair service for any issue with your Samsung Galaxy S10. Our experienced crew can handle any adjustment you demand and can get it done fast so you don’t have to stay sidelined by a shattered screen, broken camera or accidental water damage. A repair as powerful and original as your Samsung Galaxy S10.

Yourself cherish that your Samsung Galaxy S10 preloads your several commonly used apps to start instantly. Saving you time and organizing your mobile life so you can focus on what matters most. Until it takesn’t, and you find yourself requiring a repair. We know this is a dispute you don’t need and Mobile Expert can fix any problem with your Mobile in about an hour. If you can’t come to us, we’ll come to you. Don’t waste expensive time sending your Samsung Galaxy S10 back to Samsung, call us and our skilled technicians will get your phone running again in no time.
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24/7 Booking
Our 24/7 Booking service can save your time. So, you don’t have to wait in queue.
Fast Repair
Whether you need repairs for Water Damaged, Cracked screen, Charging Port, malfunctioning power switch. Mobile Expert Technician can quickly fix it all.
Premium Parts
We make sure that every part used its genuine and We back our repairs with 6 Months warranty.
We make sure that every part and tool used is up to industry standards. We back our repairs with 6 months warranty.