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Reliable And Professional iPhone Data Recovery
How often do you back up your iPhone? If the answer is ‘once in a while’ or ‘rare’, no wonder you are putting your treasured photos, audios, valuable documents at risk. Yes! You read it right! Technical malfunctions or mishaps can happen anytime and you might end up losing your priceless data if you don't keep a backup.

Have you ever wondered about how can you retrieve your old data in case your phone is lost or broken? Now, it's time to end your woes for good. We provide you with full-on assurance where you can retrieve your documents without burning a hole in your pocket!

Why iPhone Data Recovery by Professionals Matter?
If your iPhone has stopped working or you are facing water damage issues or ran over by a car or even Dead phone for no reason. we can still try to fix your old phone and bring back to life. There is a possibility that sometime the motherboard cannot be fixed due to badly damage track or inner track damage. in that case, we can use our Motherboard swap technique for able to recover your Data.

Data Recovery For Water Damage Phones
Liquid Damage to Your iPhone: Have you just dropped your iPhone in the water? It doesn’t matter, whether it has an IP67 or IP68 water resistance rating, the iPhone rubber seal between the screen and metal frame become soft and degrades over the span of usage. Even, the seal gets damaged faster when the iPhone gets hot upon using GPS or gaming for prolonged hours.

Few iPhone died right away after got dropped into the water and putting into rice won't help sometime, so users might be lost their photos. There no need to worry about it all, we can take it to look for you and not just the Data 80% chances we can bring your phone back to life and you can use it again.
iPhone X CPU, NAND Swap For DATA Recovery

Easy Steps Towards Speedy iPhone Data Recovery
Step-1: Critical Inspection
We perform a thorough inspection of your device and diagnose the extent of damage. If the device can be rebooted using software techniques, we will provide you with an estimate after which you can decide whether you would like to proceed with the data recovery process.

Step-2: Troubleshooting & Lab Repairs
If your iPhone is physically damaged and demands chip extraction, we provide you with a basic estimate to proceed to the next step. You need to pay the initial amount to make your device functional before determining the chances of successful recovery.

Things We Consider to Determine iPhone Data Recovery Cost
How much cost you have to bear for your iPhone data recovery can be estimated only after analysing the extent of the damage. To determine the exact amount, we need to evaluate your device first. The data recovery cost depends upon:

  • 1. The condition of your iPhone(whether damaged or dead)
  • 2. The damages your iPhone have suffered
  • 3. iPhone data storage capacity