What Tools Do the Experts Use to Replace and Repair an iPhone XR Screen?

Tools Use for Replace and Repair an iPhone XR Screen

Some people have a knack of doing things themselves. Well, this is appreciable in some cases. However, in some other situations, it is NOT!

Take, for instance, fixing your iPhone XR screen. You need appropriate tools for the replacement. Again, even if you have the tools, you must know the step by step procedure of replacement. If not, you may inflict irreparable damage on the screen. That is why, you need to get your gadget with the shattered glass to a reputed iPhone XR Screen Repair outlet in Brisbane or any other place, depending upon your place of residence. If you are in Brisbane, what better name can you opt for, than Mobile Expert? Our experts will go all the way to replace the shattered screen with seamless perfection.

 What tools do they use to carry out the replacement? Here is a quick look! Perhaps this will explain why it is not possible to replace your iPhone screen at home without proper tools and expertise.

P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver 

P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver

This is a precision P2 pentalobe screwdriver that is designed to open all iPhones. It can open the 5-point pentalobe 5IPR security fasteners that are used at the bottom of iPhones. It comes with a knurled grip along with a rubberized handle.

The iOpener 

This is an opening tool that is designed to apply heat uniformly on the case components that are joined with adhesive, to open them effortlessly. The heat softens the adhesive and this allows the techies to slice open the case with the help of appropriate tools. At times the techies use iOpener Kit that contains a wide range of tools.

The Suction Handle

It is a light-duty specially designed suction cup, which is specially designed to remove the glass panel of your iPhone. Generally, it comes with a 45 mm diameter and a foldable handle made up of plastic.

The iSclack 


Originally, this particular tool was designed to open the iPhone 5. However, the design and the functionality of this tool is such that it can be used to open the split the slippery outer surface of any iPhone model as well as other Mac Devices.

Tri-point Y000 Screwdriver Bit 

This is a precision 4mm screwdriver that has a specifically designed longer neck for a much deeper and more precise reach when it comes to loosening and taking off the minute screws.

The PH000 Screwdriver 

This specially designed precision #000 screwdriver comes in handy to deal with the minutest fasteners in the circuitry of your iPhone.

The Spudger 


The spudger is made up of a blend of carbon and glass fibres in nylon, making it an extremely strong and durable device. A great deal of pressure can be exerted on the delicate parts of the phone with the help of this tool, with lesser effort. It has sharp edges, making it a useful device when it comes to scraping and poking on the minutest spare parts of the circuitry in the motherboard of elsewhere. 

And then….

The Tweezers 

These tools come in handy for picking and handling the screws and other smaller spare parts, as well as for..hold your breath, for plucking eyebrows (on a lighter note!) 

Therefore you see, you will not be able to replace your cracked screen but for the help of these devices. Even if you have them, you must know the right way to use them properly before you can think of working on your device. However, it is always better to summon an experienced techie for replacing your iPhone XR. You will find names like Mobile Expert when you use keywords like Fix my iPhone on your search engine. Just get in touch with us at 0405492202 or 0452302202 between our service hours and our technician will visit you to resolve the issue. We are serving you in the present crisis!

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