What if Your Google Pixel 3XL Has Significant Water Damage?

Google Pixel 3 XL Water Damage

At times, you feel the heat of using such high tech gadgets like Google Pixel 3 XL, more so when you drop them in water, or the device gets in contact with water by any other known or unknown way and gets damaged.

And it can happen in so many ways!!! Your kid can drop it in the toilet, or you can spill some water on it while partying hard. Or at most, you can be caught in a sudden spell of a shower on your way back from the market and get it wet before can run to the parking to get into your car. So you see, you there are so many probabilities and you need to act fast to save your gadget.

Fret not! When you have Mobile Expert around, you need to worry about the water damage of your Google Pixel 3 XL.However, before you get your gadget to us, here are some steps that you can try out, but with caution, in case you find them easy.

How should you Act?

Here are some steps that you might consider taking:

  • Have the device removed from the liquid instantaneously, and turn it off, if the contact of the device with the liquid has not switched it off by default.
  • If you have dropped water on the device with the charger cable connected with it, you need to immediately switch off the power supply and detach the power cable.
  • Now if you find steam or smoke emitting from your phone, do not touch it. Wait for a considerable period after the smoke or steam emission has stopped, before touching it.
  • If you are confident to deal with the device, open the camera body, remove its battery, the SIM card as well as the memory card.
  • Once you have done so, place all these spare parts on a dry piece of towel and place the towel in an open, airy space, but not under direct sunlight.
  • Wait till the all the visible liquid on the outer surfaces has dried up. Dab the device carefully with a piece of dry cloth to have soak of the remnants of moisture.
  • You can also use a small handheld vacuum to dry up the moisture. However, you need to be extremely careful while doing so. You need to keep the vacuum at the lowest level, to make sure the pull does not damage the spare parts.
  • Never swirl the device.

Going a bit unconventional to fix the device!

Well, there is no harm in going unconventional, as long as it helps your cause.

  • Take a plastic packet filled with dried, uncooked rice. Now put the damaged device into the bad with the rice and seal the bag. Leave it like that for a couple of days. If the device has any moisture or remnants of liquid, the rice will absorb it. You can also use silica gel bag if you do not have a rice-filled bag handy. In fact, silica gel bags that often come with new shoes are even more effective than dried rice bags.

But then, if you are not sure about what to do with the device of your Google Pixel 3 XL gets water-soaked, do not venture out to do things. You may inflict irreparable damage to the device. Get in touch with Mobile Expert. Our experts will come up with the best ways to repair the device and get the moisture out of it with minimum effort.

Use keywords like‘fix my phone with water damage to find us at the top of your search. For further details, call us at 0405492202 or 0452302202

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