Things to Do after You Have Broken the Screen of your iPhone

iPhone Screen Repair

It’s a sad day for you indeed! No matter how it happened or how much crack marks are there on the screen, it really hurts when you the screen glass of your iPhone is cracked.


But, no worries mate! Mobile Expert is always there to help. Offering fast and effective screen repairing solutions to our customers is something which we religiously follow. We understand what toll it takes on you when you end up breaking your iPhone screen.


Now, it’s time to give you some tips, advice and suggestion coming from the experts of iPhone repairs in Brisbane on things that you have to do after you have accidentally dropped your iPhone on a hard surface.


Step 1: Don’t Panic


Getting panicked or stressed out about something you cannot do anything about is never a solution. For issues with the broken iPhone screen, you cannot really do anything about it. Either you have to get it fixed, or you will need to replace it.


Step 2: Use a Different Phone for the Time Being


A lot of people make the mistake of keep using their old iPhone even when the screen is cracked. However, this is an immensely bad practice. When the screen is broken, a lot of glass dust will be released. Also, the crack will turn the edges sharp that can even lead you to cut your fingers. So, you need to be super careful.


A Few Smart Hacks to Use iPhone when the Screen is Broken


  • Use a new screen guard or simply use sticky transparent tape to cover the iPhone adequately. See whether it is responding or not.
  • In case it is the ‘home’ button that has stopped working, you should follow the iOS feature that allows simulating the home button on your iPhone screen.
  • But, what if the cracked screen has also jeopardised the touch feature in your phone? Well, in that case, you should turn the Siri feature on and try to operate your phone using voice commands.


Step 3: Keep it Out of Dust and Water


We will always recommend you not to use the iPhone till the time the screen is fixed again by the specialists of cracked iPhone screen repair. If it comes in contact with dust or water, the particles will penetrate through the broken glass and tamper the LCD screen. That means, of course, more expenses on your cards. So, try to avoid this situation.


Step 4: Don’t Push the Screen


Be it out of frustration or the urge of experimentation, don’t push the screen too much. Otherwise, the glass will go straight through the LCD, causing permanent damage.


Step 5: Contact the Repairing Centre


Screen replacement does not usually come under the warranty provided by Apple. So, it will be a wise decision to contact the mobile repairing centre without further delay.




When Mobile Expert is here at your help, you should take much stress. We offer 24/7 booking facility and assures you of a fast repair. So, get in touch with us without further delay and enjoy using your iPhone again with a new screen.

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