Smart Fixing Hacks for Samsung Galaxy Screen Touch Problem

Screen Touch Problem

Are you facing issues with the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10? Do you want to know some effective ways to fix it?

Smartphones might have a few issues after it has been used for a long time. It is evident that many users have been facing screen touch issues with their phone. Smartphone users often face three types of screen issues, like unresponsive screen touch, only half screen touch works, keyboard problem.

Why Is Your Phone’s Touch Not Working?

You can face screen touch issue in your Samsung Galaxy S10 due to the following reasons:

  • Malicious activities:Malicious or performance draining apps often crash the phone and leads to malfunctioning of the phone’s software, which results in touch issue of the phone.
  • Disputes in settings:If there are some disputes in the settings of your phone, then it may not function properly. For instance, if you are trying to open a social media app but instead an app that is present beside it gets
  • Crashing of the android system: If your phone’s android system crashes after a firmware update or ROM flashing, then it can result in your SamsungGalaxy S10’s touch to not work properly all over the screen.

How To Fix The Touch Screen Problem of Samsung Galaxy S10?

1. Put Your Smart Phone On Safe Mode

Problematic third-party apps can cause touch screen problems on your Samsung Galaxy S10. If you turn on the safe mode of your phone, then all the third party applications will be disabled. If your phone is working completely, then you should uninstall the third-party apps, which were installed just before your phone’s screen was not working.

2. Restart Your Samsung Galaxy S10

Presence of software glitches on your phone can cause problems in your phone’s touch screen. Hence, if there are any software glitches, then restarting your phone will fix it. The touch screen might normally respond after rebooting.

3. Take Out Memory Card & Sim Card

Touch screen issues often happen due to faulty SIM card or memory card. Therefore, you need to take it out and check whether the touch of your Samsung Galaxy S10 is working.

4. Adjust Touch Screen On With Apps Of Your Samsung Galaxy 10

There are some applications available on Google Play Store that can calibrate the touch screen of your phone and enhance its accuracy and sensitivity. These applications are helpful to fix the unresponsiveness of your touch phone.

Even after following all the ways, if your Samsung Galaxy S10 is not working, then you need to go for Samsung Galaxy S10 screen repair in Brisbane in a service centre.

If you are taking your phone to a service centre, then you should ensure that the service centre has expert technicians to solve your issue. Make sure to check if the centre is certified.

If you need to take your Samsung Galaxy S10 for repairing service, then you can to visit Mobile Expert. They have highly expertise and best Samsung Screen repair technician in Brisbane, who can offer you high-quality services.

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