Quality Customer Service

Delivering exceptional customer service, Mobile Expert goes above and beyond to assist our clientele with their phone repairs. We offer a phone repair service that is unparalleled as we deliver quality customer service. We will attend to your phone repairs within a timely manner meeting tight timeframes when required. We understand that not having a working phone can cause stress particularly if you have a business to run or it is a work phone so we ensure that we get on top of phone repairs as soon as feasibly possible. Our phone repair service in Brisbane is renowned and we have quality testimonials from happy customers. Matthew Thompson reviewed us with ‘absolute champion. Screen replaced on my partner’s iPhone 6S Plus, only took about ten to fifteen minutes and the phone works perfectly. Could not be happier with it! Very friendly guy and fixed up other issues we had no idea about. I will absolutely recommend anyone with phone issues to go here. To top it all off, it’s the best price I’ve come across for different repairs. I’ll be headed back for my own phone and any other phone related things in the future’. Jaxon Lee says ‘ without Mobile Expert, I would have lost my brand new iPhone 8. It was hardly one month old since I got it. My son broke its screen accidentally and it was severely cracked. Just when I thought I had lost my iPhone, the efficient team of Mobile Expert got it fixed for me. Good going guys!’ Another testimonial which attests to our service was from Matthew Hawken with ‘needed my iPhone 6S screen replaced on short notice. Manny was not only facilitating of my timeframe but worked efficiently and was able to rectify some ongoing charging issues with a replacement battery for a very reasonable price at the same time. Notably professional and friendly. I’ll definitely use your services again when needed’.

Common Phone Repairs

There are common phone repairs that we at Mobile Expert see and first and foremost is a cracked smartphone screen. For iphone screen repair or other smartphone screen repair in Brisbane, Mobile Expert is here to help. Smartphones which are dropped nowadays are less likely to crack particularly if they have a solid tough case on them with a bevel on the screen so the screen doesn’t hit the surface. The screens themselves have become more tough in modern times, however dropping your smartphone from a certain height or angle can still cause damage such as screen cracks. While some screens will still work, others do not function anymore and cracks can spread quickly. When looking up phone repairs near me, you’ll find Mobile Expert as a phone repair service in Brisbane. Battery problems are another common issue with smartphones particularly iPhones. For iPhone repairs in Brisbane, see Mobile Experts as we can replace the battery for an affordable price. It is common for batteries to drop below adequate functional level even though battery performance is better than it used to be. Another common issue for phone repairs is water or liquid damage. Dropping your smartphone in water or the toilet accidentally can lead to liquid damage in the phone and prevent it from functioning correctly; Mobile Expert can help. Phone repairs includes drying out the internal workings of the phone and often they will spring back to life and work again while other times they will not. Mobile Expert has a team of experts who can assess the liquid damage and potentially get it working again through effective phone repairs. At first smartphones seem to process everything fast, however over time their performance can lower and it can be frustrating. Slow performance is another common phone repair issue. We can rectify this with a cost-effective phone repair service.

What to Look For in a New Phone

There are several attributes to look for in a new smartphone. Firstly, the storage size is important. Whether it’s 32GB, 64GB or 128GB, it depends on the amount of things you will store on your phone such as apps, photos and documents. Some Android phones offer MicroSC card slots to boost your storage capacity. The display is highly-important as many of us spend a lot of time on our phones nowadays. You want to ensure that you’re buying a phone with a display that is bright enough to see outdoors and sharp enough so the text doesn’t get blurry when surfing the internet. If you watch a lot of movies or YouTube, you might want a larger screen size and display. Have you ever just taken a snapshot with your phone and thought it could be a better quality image? When looking for a new phone, consider the camera as most people use their smartphones as cameras nowadays. The battery is also important and typically iPhone batteries don’t endure a long lifespan of performance so consider this when you are looking for phones. For phone repairs or iPhone screen repairs in Brisbane, look to Mobile Expert as we have a team of experts to help you with your phone repairs.

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