Power Button of Samsung Has Broken – Tips to Switch On Your Phone

Broken Power Button of Mobile Phone

The incidents of the broken power button in android devices is not something out of the context issue. The situation often pops up and disturbs most of the Android users. In some cases, the power button gets so much pushed inside the phone; it becomes quite tricky to be pulled out.

However, if the power button got loose or got separated from the device by any chance, there is no way other than going for the repairing service. They will attach a new outer case or a new power button to the device to keep it working.

But there is good news for you. You can still turn on your Samsung device without any difficulty in some other ways. Wish to know what those ways are? Here is a narrowed down guideline for you to follow declared by the experts of Samsung phone repair in Brisbane. Read on to know the tricks.

Use a Hairpin or Toothpick

Take a close look at the power button of your device and try to stimulate it in the best possible manner. You can use a hairpin or a toothpick for this purpose.

If you can’t touch it with your fingertip, use the pointy tip of the pin to push it a little bit, and you can witness the magic happening in the process. You can find out that your device is getting switched on just like that.

Attach Your Phone to Your Computer

The next step you can take in this situation is that you have to attach your device to your personal computer. You can connect your device to your PC. If the charge of the device has gone down to ‘0′, wait for the right moment to come. Your device may get automatically switched on after the charge has gone up.

Make Use of Other Keys

You can make use of the other keys instead of the power button to get your device started. According to the professionals of Samsung S10 repair in Brisbane, combine the home and volume button for switching your Samsung phone on. Here are the steps to follow –

  • At first, get your phone fully charged.
  • Press both the up and down keys of the volume button
  • Connect the device with your PC using a USB
  • At this situation, push the home button
  • Once the menu will appear, leave all the buttons

Please note: 

You might find out a series of warning signs popping up on your screen on the way your device is getting turned on. Don’t worry that much as it is not something alarming. Instead, it is the process of your phone getting started.

So, these are the ways you can manage your Samsung device even when the power button is failing you. Well, it is recommended not to push it too hard so that the situation gets worse. If you are not feeling confident enough to deal with the case, there are ways to make it happen. Let the professional experts handle it.

Mobile Expert is the most trusted company you should rely on for this kind of repair or replacement. Contact us today. Visit mobileexpert.com.au for more details.

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