Micro Soldering Brisbane | Lcd and FPC Connector | Touch IC Repairs

Micro Soldering Brisbane  | Lcd and FPC Connector | Touch IC Repairs

Have you damaged a connector while repairing screen with tools? There you do not need to worry about. if you have damaged something else and you don’t know what is it? Phone won’t power on. There might be short circuit or chip failed. Micro Soldering Brisbane 

Our Services

  1. LCD Connector Repairs
  2. Digitiser (touch screen FPC ) Connector Repairs
  3. Battery Connector Repair
  4. iPhone 6 / 6+ Touch IC Replacement
  5. iPhone Charging IC  Replacement
  6. SIM Card Reader Replacement
  7. No Backlight Repair
  8. Crystal Oscillator Replacement
  9. Power Management Repairs
  10. iPhone 6s Backlight Repairs
  11. Wi-Fi Chip Repairs


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iPhone 6 s gets very hot at where screen connects to motherboard and temperature warning comes on screen and iPhone turns off . Also battery drains super fast from 100% to flat in 10 mins.
I tried sitting phone on an ice pack(wrapped in towel and iPhone worked fine for 2 hrs with no issue but after I took the cold Pak away 5 mins later got temperature warning again