Issues with Smartphone Ear Speaker and Fixing Them – An Overview

Samsung S10 Repair

A vast number of reasons may be behind a non-functional ear speaker of a smartphone. And this can happen to even the best brands in the market of the stature of Samsung. When that happens, you need to take your gadget to a reputed and authorised mobile service centre, which will be able to fix the problem.

In the same way, when your Samsung S10 ear speaker gets into trouble, you need to take the phone to a reputed service centre that repairs issues with Samsung S10 in Brisbane. What better name can you opt for in that case than Mobile Expert? We are one of the best in repairing issues involving different models of Samsung, including earphone issues.

There are various reasons to find out, symptoms to look for and solutions to provide when it comes to tackling ear speaker-related glitches.

All said and done before you come up to us to have the problem fixed, it is not a bad idea to try a few things out, so long your actions do not hamper the other more critical functions of your phone.

Checking the volume

You need to have a hard look at the volume setting at first. Find out if your Samsung mobile is on silent or vibrator mode. Admittedly, this is the first instinct and a very elementary step to take, but it is the common point to start the probe from.

Making a test call

Call up someone or your mobile network provider to check the volume. If needed, you can increase the volume, (if it is not up to the maximum point).

Making more in-depth probes

Check if this “no sound’ phenomenon in the speaker occurs always, anywhere and anytime, or at certain circumstances and conditions. You can have a functionality test conducted by dialling *#0*#. This will help you to verify if there is an issue with its spare part or not.

If the issue takes place anywhere, anytime, then you need to have the mic and the speaker checked. You will find us by typing in fix my Samsung Smartphone on Google. It will give you a list of authorised Samsung phone repair facilities, including us at the top of the list.

What if there are conditional issues?

You may also find that the ear speaker issue happens on a few specific conditions. If so, try and update the software or the Operating System so that it hosts the latest version.

Other ways of checking

You need to check for the health and the condition of the earpieces as well. See if it is clean and whether they have accumulated dust. If so, do not try things yourself if you are not a professional expert. Get it to a reputed, authorised service centre, and they will fix the issue in no time.

If nothing works, don’t be over-adventurous. You may only complicate things! You have a Mobile Expert to look for! We at  Mobile Expert will provide you whatever is needed a fix up the issue. For further details, call us at 0405492202.


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