Is Your Smartphone Screen Flickering? Know How to Fix It

Smartphone Screen Flickering

Are you just gifted with a favourite model of Smartphone and can’t wait to try it? However, it seems disappointing when its screen doesn’t stop flickering. Initially, it may seem an isolated issue, but it persists longer than what you thought.  

What is Flickering Screen?

A malfunctioning smartphone screen with glitches can trouble you in different ways. To find your screen has an issue, just look at a few signs-

  • Your phone’s display will come up with the random appearance of a black and white line.
  • Flickering pixels that fill the touch screen display.
  • Part of your screen turns into black or white.
  • The screen keeps on blinking when you are using the phone.

If you find any of the issues as mentioned above, reasons for these issues are discussed below-

Reasons for Flickering Screen and How to Fix It: 

Hardware faults are one of the main reasons why flickering may happen. Even installing an app can cause such an issue, as it needs higher screen resolution to run. Here are a few things to you can try out or take your phone to a screen repair expert in Brisbane to get a quick and reliable help-

1. Check For the App Updates: 

Before you head for any professional repairing, update all the apps. Check for the updates for the android system as well.

2. Disable the Third-Party Apps: 

If any third-party app is causing an issue, you need to reboot your phone in the safe mode. The procedure is the same for almost all Samsung models.

  • Turn off your Samsung Note 10 Plus.
  • Hold the power button until you can see the Samsung logo.
  • Release the power button and hold the down volume button until it boots again.

3. Clear Out the Cache Partition:

It is another trick that can fix glitches to your screen by Wiping the cache partition in the recovery mode. With this way, you can clear the internal memory of the phone that store the cache. To wipe the cache partition, here are steps you must do-

  • Switch off your phone.
  • Hold the power button, home button and volume up at the same time until the Samsung logo appears.
  • Recovery mode menu will appear next. Scroll through and find the option to wipe the cache partition, and use the power button to confirm the process.
  • Reboot the system now.

After rebooting, the screen issue will get resolved.

4. Hard Reset of the Device:

With a hard reset, your phone, everything on your phone will be erased, including the saved data and setting. Prior to doing this, make sure you back up all the data from your Samsung smartphone.

  • Boot your phone in recovery mode.
  • Choose the factory reset option and confirm it holding the power button.

If you find the flickering problem is still there, then contacting trusted phone repair experts in Brisbane can be a reliable way out.

At Mobile Expert, we offer 24/7 service booking, fast repair, premium parts and offer 6 months warranty on them. Bring your malfunctioning device to us, and we will make your phone functioning like new, taking minimum repair time possible.

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