iPhone XS/ XS Max/ 11, 11 Pro Water Damage Repair in Brisbane

iPhone XS/XS Max, 11 Pro Water Damage
Get iphone xs water damage repair

Professional & Reliable iPhone Xs/Xs Max/11, 11 Pro Water Damage Repair In Brisbane

Have you mistakenly dropped your iPhone in water? Is your phone refusing to start? Even though most iPhone support water-resistant feature but the intricate components often becomes vulnerable to damage when it comes in direct contact with water. When you encounter such a situation and do not take proper measures to wipe off the liquid, water will slowly penetrate the device, destroy the delicate circuits and make your phone useless.

Measures to Take if You Have Dropped Your iPhone In Water

The moment you commit the blunder, the first thing you need to do is remove your iPhone instantly and switch it off.

Do Not Plus your iphone into charge.
Please Do Not Plug Your iPhone To charge without showing to the Phone Technician.
  • If you think, charging up the battery should be a wise choice, HOLD ON! This is where majority of people make the biggest mistake. If your iPhone is water-damaged, you should not plug in the charger as it might result in a short circuit.
  • Check out the LCI and find a paper-clip to remove the SIM card properly. Once you are done with the ejection of the SIM card, tilt your phone slightly downwards and then check the LCI and SIM card slot again.
  •  Look for the best iPhone Repair Shop in the town which can do Motherboard Repair on iPhone and actually can fix the water damaged phone. Please take it to them and tell them to do priority and remove the battery from the device 

Not a tech-savvy? Finding it difficult to perform the task on your own? No need to worry. We are here to help!

Professional & High-Tech iPhone Repairs By Expert Technicians


iPhone water damage is quite frustrating and challenging to fix without professional help. At Mobile Expert, we have certified, professional technicians who have been handling water-damage issue for years and can restore your phone back to normal working state.

Here’s how our technicians repair your liquid-damaged iPhone in an instant:

  • At first, they remove the motherboard to check how much it is corroded and damaged.
  • Next, they apply chemical-free supplies to clean the motherboard, including the IC chips & damaged parts.
  • The motherboard is then left to dry at least for a day.
  • Our experts inspect other intricate components, clean them and fix issues if any.
  • At last, they re-assemble your iPhone and perform a final test whether your device is working or not.

No need to spend sleepless nights if you have mistakenly spilled water on your iPhone. Our expert technicians can fix any model such as iPhone X, XS, XS Max, 11 and 11 Pro with 100% quality assurance! Moreover, we provide same-day iPhone repairs at an unbelievable price! Reach us today!

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