iPhone X Touch Screen Not Working ( Motherboard issues)

iphone x touch screen problems

There are few Sad🙍🏼‍♂️owners of an Apple iPhone X who may discover their screen is unresponsive to Touch, where swipes up and taps on the screen are either not working at all. These problems happened after the dropped into water or Dropped it hard on the surface? and caused the touch screen not to responded.


  1. Touch screen not responding.
  2. Can’t Swipe up or can’t do anything.
  3. Random Working.
  4. The screen becomes very lag.

Why Did This happen on iPhone X📱Touch Problem?

As all technician knows that iPhone X motherboard has two-piece and also has an extra layer in middle, We so Can call this motherboard (SANDWICH Board ). iPhone X touch screen connector has placed on the bottom layer, but all the signal comes from the top layer through the bottom piece. So when iPhone users dropped there phone in water or damage the housing which bends the logicboard and broke few solder pads. Those Solder pads connect TOP LAYER TO BOTTOM LAYER and supply the signal.

How To Fix It?

When iPhone x touch screen not working and to fix these problems Please set your MULTIMETER to DIODE mode and check every single pin on touch connector with your POSTIVE probes and see if you get the signal showed in the photos, So is there is no signal that means there is NO Signal coming from the top layer and need it to be resoldered. Sometimes it is worth checking registers and DIODE and replace if they die.

If nothing works, don’t be over-adventurous. You may only complicate things! You have a Mobile Expert to look for! We at  Mobile Expert will provide you whatever is needed a fix up the issue. For further details, call us at 0405492202.

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