iPhone X Not Charging

iPhone Not Charging After Water damage

Few iPhone users face this problem with their iPhone x due to water damage. if your phone not charging because of a little bit moisture got inside charging port, Clean it right away before It kills the charging port. if you have dropped your iPhone x or xs max in saltwater and phone works fine but it won’t charge, it might damage U3300 OR U6300. It is worth checking the charging port or replace it with another one if it is faulty.
Check the 5V line on Motherboard and see if there is any damage pins or any sign of water damage near U2 IC Or Charging IC.

iPhone X Charging Slow or staying on 2%


iPhone X Charge only when its turn off or it only showing fake charging it’s Charging IC. Please check L330 and L3341 Coil before replacing the ic, because the coil may be burnt. if every pin is fin please change U3300.

iPhone X Not Charging after hard drop.

This is another issue going on with iPhone X that users dropped their phones on hard surfaces and the phone won’t charge after. iPhone x only shows a charging sign but it will not put enough voltage to the battery due to damage pads on mid-layer ( Pad no S142, s143 S144, s140) Please check for those pins if they damage use a jumper wire.

iPhone X Not Detecting Charge,

If shops Tech already tried replacing the charging port a few times and phone still not detecting charge. Please check Pin no 32 on charging connector and FL6313 if it’s not damaged replace the u2 chip carefully.

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