iPhone 7 Baseband Problem, No Network, No IMEI, No Signal.

Iphone 7 baseband problem

Baseband Repair on iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Getting common these days. If you are facing issues with Signal or phone keep searching and won’t pick up SIM card, then there is a baseband issue with your device.

Baseband problem symptoms:

  • No Service (Even there is no SIM card inserted)
  • Dial *#06# and there is no IMEI appear 
  • Modem Firmware is blank (Setting – General – About)
  • Unable to Activate after restored from iTunes
  • SIM not detect

What is baseband?

Baseband is and CPU ic that has unique IMEI linked to it. If this IMEI no longer there due to baseband not working or damaged, Tower signal won’t register to IMEI. That is the only reason you won’t get any reception. 

Why Baseband gets Damaged?

Baseband IC gets damage if you have dropped it on a hard surface or sometimes due to manufacturing faults. There is another possibility that the phone won’t pick up any signal or sim card after doing Audio IC Repair. If the technician has used it high while doing audio ic and as we know Baseband CPU is another side of the motherboard, it will definability get damaged. Sometimes a small capacitor or a component failure can cause Basebase failure

How do I know my baseband is Faulty?

if you want to check your baseband is faulty. Please Go to Setting> General > About and all the down Modem Firmware if there is a number written for Modem Firmware then your Baseband is ok.

How we can get this repair?

we have uploaded a video on our youtube channel or you can watch below in this article, If you never worked on the motherboard before please send it to us or bring it to us

Can Mobile Expert Fix Baseband Problem On Other Devices?

Yes, we do fix Baseband problem on other phones,
(iPhone 8, 8Plus, X, XS Max.)

Our Work We Did in the past

Please send it to us or contact us.

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Ferdinand Sombrano
Ferdinand Sombrano

I have an iphone 7. *#06# not working. In setting-about, modem firmware appeared and IMEI. No searching while no sim card inserted. No sim appeared in bar. When sim inserted always in searching. When I trying to tap plane mode on back on searching appeared then No service. Trying to erase all and I activated my phone even no sim card. What do you think is the problem of my phone.