iPhone 6s U2 Chip Repairs

iPhone 6s & 6s plus u2 chip repair Brisbane

U2 chip is easily burned out due to unprotected voltage fluctuations common to use of non-Apple chargers or Sometime this chip can be faulty due to leave it on charge for more than 24 hour. This is a common fault and is widespread, we will see chip that show one or more of these Common issues. Mobile Expert Technician are experts in repairing Motherboard and touch ic and u2 ic. iPhone 6s & 6s Plus U2 IC Repair Brisbane

Issues of U2 charging logic ic failure:

  • Fake charging
  • No charger detects Inability to charge a stone-dead battery, but can charge a partially charged battery
  • battery draining Issue
  • Heat at U2 ic chip.
  • Auto power on at battery reconnect
  • Not detect on iTunes.
  • Not charging/Not detected via USB.
  • No power at all.

iPhone not charging very fast or its not charging when you plug into charger. Have you already replace charging port but still not charging?. It could be U2 chip on logic board is faulty. When U2 chip become faulty the phone does not charge when plug into charge or it shows the charging sign but persantage does not go up. Mobile Expert leading 1st number in Brisbane for repairing iPhone Motherboard. As i have showed in picture. Replaced U2 chip or reball old chip. iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Not Charging

How to fix it?

Please check (U1700) “IC” if its faulty replace with new one. This chip can be done by reflow station or if you have your own equipment to do this repairs.

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