iPhone 6s Backlight issue, Backlight Not Working.

iPhone 6S Backlight Repairs (Not Working)

Did you get your screen replaced.

Sometime when user get aftermarket screen repaired from any shop. it can caused backlight filter to blow up. When they manufacture these screen in factory. it depend what backlight  plate they are using or what wire track they running threw the flex cable.iPhone 6s Backlight Repairs

How to be careful?

When users assembled their phone screen or when they plugged lcd connector on motherboard. They should remove battery before installing screen on so there is no power running on mother board.

What Will happened if i damaged backlight ?

if you damaged your backlight filter then you not gonna see any light on your screen.

how i find out its backlight issue?

if you want to find out about backlight not working. what you can do turn your phone on and tacking under the light then you will see very dim background on your lcd.

where i can get it fix?

Mobile Expert has technician. They can fix any issues related to motherboard.

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