iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Touch IC Repair Brisbane

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Touch IC Repair Brisbane

Number of an increasing iPhone users are comping up an issue with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones freezing up and becoming unresponsive to touch and coming up top grey bar. iPhone 6 Touch IC Repairs Brisbane

Apple has an name for it called: “Touch disease.”

There are a lots of iPhones in whole world that facing same problem, so a problem that affects a fraction of a per cent of devices could potentially impact thousands of users.


  1. Touch Screen  not responding.
  2. Grey Bar keep dropping from the top
  3. Slow Response
  4. iPhone Touch will only work sometimes.
  5. Touch will work only certain area or keys.
  6. Touch screen ghost touching

All of those issues are signs that the iPhone touch ic (integrated circuit) has failed or is failing. But what causes this?. Some of iPhone Bend Easily because apple did The terrible design with iPhone 6 / 6 plus models a The shape of the housing and soft aluminum material allows the phone to bend very easily which then bend the logic board inside and break the soldring pads

I have spoken with a few Apple “Geniuses” and this is an extremely common problem they find especially on the iPhone 6 Plus that is caused by dropping phone on hard surface   And their only  will push you to … ‘Buy a new phone’

How we can help?

Mobile Expert is one of only one store in Brisbane who fix touch ic on iPhone 6 & 6 plus. Book your repair online or contact us on 0405492202.

iPhone Repairs Brisbane.

Mobile Expert can fix most of fault, iPhone Screen Repair, PCB Connector Repairs, Charging Port Repairs.

iPhone 6 Touch IC Repairs Brisbane

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