How to Save Your Wet iPad? The Crucial Dos & DON’TS!

Wet iPad Repair

Dropping your iPad into your toilet, bathroom and sink is always a bit more difficult than a smartphone. But the chances of it happening are very much possible. If by accident you   did drop your device into a pool of water, then you should know that not all hope is lost.

It goes without saying that electronics and water do not mix well. And, whenever possible, it is always recommended to not play with devices whenever you go out for a swim, shower or even indulge in a backyard pool party.

Of course; there are quality phone covers which you can always use. But even that may not protect your device from impending water damage, especially if it was submerged inside for too long.

But Fret Not. Mobile Expert”; having repaired countless iPad repair(s) for clients all across Brisbane; suggests you some smart DOS AND DON’TS to recover your device if it suffers any kind of water damage.

Follow closely!

Let’s Begin With Those Crucial DON’TS:-

Skip the Rice

You may have heard the common notion that ‘putting it into a bag of rice will fix my wet iPad’.  And you may even be tempted to try it out. But truth be told, this is only a misconception.

Doing so will only allow the rice to fit in through those small enough opening and cause further damage to its electronic parts. Not to forget, it also exposes your device to dust which may hamper its motherboard and other sensitive parts.

Avoid Using A Hair-Dryer

This is another thing to avoid when trying to dry your soaked iPad.  Using it could potentially spread the existing water inside to different parts of your device and hamper it more.

Don’t Put It near A Space Heater

Also avoid putting your wet device near a space heater. The heat exposure could potentially make your device burst and injure you severely.

NEVER Switch It on When Wet

When your iPad is wet, don’t switch it on. Wait for 24-36 hours for the water to dry off.  Keep it in a standing/upright position for a minimum of 24 hours and then flip it the next.

Now Moving On The Dos:-

Take Out the Case

The first thing to do is remove the back cover from your soaked iPad. This will allow most of the moisture to come out from the headphone jack, charging connector or other parts of your device which may have been exposed to water.

Remove the SIM Card

As some of its moisture is drained out, look to remove the SIM card. The device doesn’t permit you to remove the battery, but you can save your SIM card.

Shake the Water Out

This depends on how much water the device got exposed to. You can shake it a bit or use paper towels to soak up as much moisture as you can.

You Can Also Use Silica Get Packets

They are little packets which come along with food. You can put your wet iPad in them to dry as they are known to soap up the existing moisture. So try and get as many as you can from art supply, hardware store or even craft store.

If It Still Doesn’t Work- CALL @ 0405492202/0452302202 Whenever You See Fit.

We promise to deliver you budget-friendly iPad repairs across Brisbane using authentic spare parts backed with 12-months warranty.

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