How to Protect Your Phone Screen

We have all been there. As our phones become higher tech and become a bigger part of our lives, so does the risk of damaging them. From carrying them around in your pockets all day to placing them next to you in risky spots, there is no wonder that at some stage most of us will end up cracking our phone screens. While there are varying degrees of cracks and sometimes you can still use your phone with no real issues, once a phone screen is cracked it can make the phone a lot more vulnerable to further damage and may be needing more phone repairs down the line than just a cracked screen. That is why taking measures to protect your phone can save you issues in the long run. Investing in a bumper case is one way to really protect your phone screen, especially if you are prone to dropping your phone. A bumper case helps the screen avoid hitting the ground if you drop it so that way it is more protected. Tempered glass is another great way to protect your screen. The tempered glass acts as a barrier so if the glass does break you ultimately are not damaging the actual phone. Replacing tempered glass is a lot cheaper and easier than an actual screen. While these things can significantly help you protect your screen, there are always chance accidents. If you find yourself needing phone repairs, then the Mobile Experts are the team to go to for a broken screen or other repair issues.

Dropped Your Phone in Water? Here is what to do…

Just like many of us have cracked a screen, another common form of damage on phones or devices is water damage. Dropping it in the sink, dropping it in the toilet, spilling a cup of water over it or even jumping in the pool without taking it out of your pocket, those in the business of phone repairs have seen it all. While getting it to a phone repairer as quickly as possible is the best step to salvage your device, there are some steps you can take to avoid furthering the damage if you cannot get it to an expert in time. First things first, turn off your phone. You want to make sure that there is no electrical charge going through the phone. If you have dropped your phone in salt-water or spilt beer or any other type of corrosive or sticky liquid, wash it down with a damp cloth. While it means exposing it to a little more liquid, it is better than keeping the corrosive materials on it. Sim Cards, SD cards, batteries- anything that can be removed should be removed but do it gently to keep the liquid from moving around the parts of the phone. Wipe it down with a soft and dry cloth (without going into the charge ports) and leave it in a dry spot. Once it is dry, then you can turn it on to assess any damage. If you suspect there has been any damage, do not place it on charge. Keep monitoring it and if need be, take it to the experts in phone repairs so you can make sure that you get any problems rectified as quickly as possible.

Why Take Your Phone to the Experts?

With so many DIY guides on YouTube and kits out there, it can be tempting to do any phone repairs yourself. From replacing screens, LEDs, fixing any internal issues- there are even kits being sold online. While this may seem like it can save you money, sometimes the risk of causing more damage to your phone than before. Taking your phone to a professional repairer can save you all the hassle and time of trying to do it yourself and ensure that all parts that are replaced and work that is done is quality. A professional can also pick up on any other problems that you may have missed and ensure that any parts that are replaced are the right ones for your phone. Carrying out phone repairs yourself when you do not have the experience can be time consuming as well, and you can end up breaking the phone even more. Save time, save stress and save money by taking your phone to a professional repairer next time you have an issue.

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