Dropped Your Samsung S10 in the Toilet – Here’s What to Do?

Samsung S10 Repair

As it so happens; you’ve dropped your Samsung S10 model into your commode. So, does that mean everything is lost now? Mobile Expert– specialising in smartphone repair services in Brisbane believes it most certainly is not.

We understand that your world comes to a momentary stand-still when you drop your phone in the toilet. And, if proper measures are not taken in time, it can lead to significant internal circuitry issues- (including damaging the motherboard), thus leaving it inoperable. Not to forget, all your important stored data and details are also lost.

Keeping all these major inconveniences in mind, our experts even provide you with some smart tips to deal with a water damaged smartphone.

Tips to Possibly Save Your Soaked Samsung S10

First and foremost; you should take your phone out from the water ASAP to avoid moisture seeping into through the cracks and openings. Once done; there are some things to do right away, and some which you are better off not doing at all.

Let’s Begin, Shall We!

What You Must Immediately Do?

  • Switch off the phone and then hold it in an upright position. Then slowly remove the SD and SIM card from its respective slots. Also, do not press any button as it could force the water to further enter into the device circuits.
  • Use a clean sleeve or paper towel to dab your smartphone and prevent any moisture from spreading. If you come across more extensive water damage, then you can use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the water in the cracks.
  • Keep your phone in a dry spot and allow it to stay for at least 48 hours. And don’t be tempted to switch it on to check if it still works or not. After a couple of days, insert the sim and SD card and switch it on. If it doesn’t work, then try charging the device battery, and if it still remains dead, request our Samsung S10 phone repair experts serving Brisbane to check it out.

Samsung S10 Repairing

What You Should NOT Do?

  • Do not think of using any hair dryer on the device. We say this because this is a very common mistake that device owners make to dry out the existing moisture. Doing so only forces more water into the device and possibly into its electrical circuits.
  • Do not shake, swivel or blow into your Samsung S10 smartphone. This could push the existing water inside deeper areas of your phone.
  • Do not (and we mean Do Not) apply any heat to your smartphone. Believe it or not, exposing your device to excessive heat does it more damage than good.

Our Reasonable Pricing Details:-

Even with all these noteworthy tricks, if you find your Samsung S10 as dead as a rock, then bring it to our repair store. Our experts will examine the device to access the severity of the damage and try to fix the issue in the best possible manner.

For any damaged part; our technicians will use premium spare parts (with 6-months warranty) from quality suppliers and even use repair tools up to the industry standards.

Our standard repair cost for water damaged Samsung S10 smartphone repair services in Brisbane costs only $100.

So, waste no time in contacting us @0405492202/0452302202. Using all our real-time experience; we will restore your S10 device to peak performance in no time.

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