“Don’t Give Up On Your iPhone With A Cracked Screen Yet” – Says Mobile Expert

Cracked iPhone Screen Repair

That dreaded moment when your iPhone slips and its screen smashes to so many pieces are not only unsightly, but it can literally make your device unusable.

But, “Mobile Expert”- your reliable mobile repair shop believes you don’t have to break your bank to fix it. If you have an iPhone with a crippled screen, then the first thing you should do is check how bad is the damage.

  • If the cracks are small; and doesn’t block your screen view; you may still use it.
  • Contrarily, if the cracks are large, then you should look to fix it immediately.
  • And, if you see abnormal colour displays or few pixels not displaying, then it means that the damage has gotten out of hand and affected the glass on top and the LCD panel underneath. This could lead to an expensive repair. 

What ‘We’ Suggest:- 

  • Access The Severity Of The Damage:- 

The next question to ask is:-

  • How Broken Is The Screen?
  • Does It Have a Hairline Crack Or Large And Ugly Cracks All Over The Screen?
  • And Importantly, Will The Phone Manufacturer Compensate For The Damage?

Truth be told, manufacturers don’t cover iPhone damages occurred to an accident, but still, if the cracks are minor, then you may get a free repair (if it is under warranty). Otherwise, they will offer paid repairs (which at times may prove too much for your wallet).

  • Do A Back-Up:-

Our experts specialise in broken iPhone repair Brisbane; you should back up from your iPhone device so that all your precious files are not lost. However, when doing so, be very careful in handling the device as there are so many sharp shards of glass poking out.

If the cracks are extensive, put packing tape over the screen and then try doing a back-up.

  • Don’t DIY:- 

You may be a tech-savvy person, but that doesn’t mean you have the knowledge to fix your cracked iPhone right. Fixing a crippled screen is a daunting task and involves dealing with thousands of tiny components within your smart device.

This poses a greater chance of committing a mistake. Even the slightest tear in a tiny cable could render your device unfixable. Not to forget; you may require a litany of specialised and industry-approved tools and equipment to fix it properly. 

  • Let Us Take A Look:- 

Ever since our existence; each of our experts offering cracked iPhone screen repair have committed to offering quality services. You can use call us @ 0405492202 / 0452302202;to set an appointment and bring it into our workshop.

Our iPhone screen repair experts will inspect the device thoroughly and back themselves to repair or replace it professionally. Just so you know; all replacements and repairs are done using premium spare parts and screens procured from reputed third-party suppliers.

Each of these parts also come with a genuine 6-months service warranty. And the repairs are performed with certified experts well-versed in dealing with all iPhone devices costing you only $299.  

Lastly… Some Words of Wisdom

You will get your iPhone device fully repaired and functioning just as before. But since accidents don’t come announced; you need to learn from your mistakes and take extra protection.

For YOU; we even offer you a wide range of quality iPhone shockproof case covers to prevent any accidental falls. From Air-Cushion And Clear Bumper Shockproof Cases to Whatif Flip Wallet Leather Iphone Cases; you will get all kinds of variety at reasonable rates. 

Have A Cracked iPhone Screen Scenario…? Don’t hesitate in booking our repairs!

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