Discussing The 3 Common Samsung s10 & s10 Plus Problems

s10 & s10 Plus Phone Repair

Even though the Samsung s10 created a new buzz among gadget fanatics ever since it launched, several reports also come in about users facing vivid problems with the device. 

Mobile Expert– your one-stop company to repairing damaged or problematic smartphones of various brands promises to fix your Samsung s10, and s10 Plus models and make it reusable again. 

Furthermore, having dealt with so many branded smartphones (including the one in focus); our Samsung repair experts in Brisbane have a sound knowledge of those common device problems too. 

Here’s Highlighting 3 Of Them. 

  1. Wi-Fi Unable To Connect.” 

Many users have expressed their woes about their device not connecting to any device or network. Whenever facing such issues; it is important to reboot the device and re-connect. You should also confirm if the other devices are connecting to that Wi-Fi network or not. 

And if they are, then the issue is with your device. One trick is to delete the saved network and re-establish the link. To do that, open settings- Wi-Fi network- Wi-Fi: saved network and ‘forget’. Again try and connect with the Wi-Fi router of your smart device. 

Usually, it solves the issue. But if not, then our Samsung s10 repair technicians will be happy to fix it right for you. 

  1. Overheating Issues in Both Samsung s10 and s10 Plus.”

If your smartphone starts to overheat, that is never a good sign. It may be nothing, or it could ruin your phone rendering it unfixable. So; you should check the cause of it overheating. 

Some of the relevant causes include: 

While charging. However, this could mean nothing as most Samsung high-end models are packed with quick charging technology and that invariably heats up the device while charging it. 

Indulging With Too Many Video Games. This causes your device to heat cause its CPU and GPU execute and visuals for running continuously. Keep track of it and see if, in time; your device starts acting weirdly. 

But, if the device still gets overheated (without playing games for long or charging), then you should think of enabling its Battery Optimisation feature. Furthermore, remove all apps that are running in the background and consuming all the battery’s juice. 

And if the issue still pertains, then allow our skilled and experienced Samsung s10 and s10 plus repair experts in Brisbane to treat it correctly. 

  1. Device Crashing Unexpectedly Or Rebooting Frequently.” 

Our experts believe that the issue occurs due to clutter and lots of expired data in the device. So, you should remove those cache files, empty the download folder and if needed, perform a factory reset to restore its original aspect and phone setting. 

But before that, ensure you perform a general backup on your smart device. If these tricks don’t work, then you can first call at 0405492202 bring your damaged device to our workshop at 308 Gowan Road, Sunnybank Hills QLD 4109. 

Our repair technicians always use premium parts which are backed with a 6-months warranty. Plus; our repair costs adhere to industry-standard rates always and never include any hidden costs. 

So, if you seek quality Samsung s10 repairs in Brisbane then Mobile Expert’ (as our name suggests) are your best bet to restore its original efficiency.

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