Cost Effective iPhone 13 Pro max Repair in Australia

iPhone 13 Pro max

Almost everyone has their mobile phone with them all the time. It will have to take just as much punishment each day as you do. Since our smartphones have never been turned off since they were first turned on, it’s not surprising when they break their screens or lose their batteries since they keep us connected to everything.

High-end components

Only original and standardized components are used to ensure your phone works well after the repair, so you will get only the best quality. There’s no need to worry about these high-end components since we’ve tested each one previously to ensure they are not causing the issue. Compared to fake or duplicate components, these high-end ones last longer.

Affordability at an unbeatable price

High-quality service and repair at an affordable price are what we offer. You won’t find a cheaper price anywhere in Brisbane. Furthermore, we ensure that our customers are happy with the service we provide. Anyone who can afford an iPhone 13 Pro Max will find our repair prices affordable.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Screen Replacement

For your iPhone 13 Pro Max broken screen, we have a high-quality replacement screen. We can turn your old screen into a new one with the help of our qualified experts in no time at all. We guarantee that we will not make any mistakes while performing work of such delicate nature. If you do not want other parts of the phone touched, your screen will be replaced. When delivery is made, we will make sure you have a complete list of all parts that are included.

Professional Technologist

Our team of professionals will take care of every kind of repair your phone needs so that you can always put your trust in us. Further, we have experts who specialize in all types of phone repair, so there is no need to be concerned about the health of your phone. Many of the experts we have at our company have a great deal of experience working with phones.

Safety Guaranteed

It does not matter whether we buy back or repair your devices, you can remain confident that they will be safe with us. As we strictly follow rules, you don’t have to worry about anything as no data is touched or taken from your phone. Also, we guarantee the safety of your phone and will pay for any errors on our part, as well as fix it on your behalf.


Screen Replacement

Due to its large surface area, the iPhone 13 pro max is prone to get cracked, scratched, or damaged if it gets dropped. If this occurs, a number of its sensors may not work properly, greatly hindering your experience. If the screen of your iPhone 13 Pro Max is cracked or damaged and you need instant replacement within hours, directly call us or come to us. We are more than happy to serve you in Brisbane.

Charging port replacement

Trying to pull out the cable or inserting it roughly inside the charging port can damage it badly. This might damage the pins inside the port and your iPhone 13 Pro Max might start to have issues in charging or fixing the cable. If any such thing happens, call us and we will be there to help you.

Motherboard Repairs

It may be necessary to replace parts or generally the motherboard of the iPhone 13 Pro Max if damage occurs to its internal components due to external forces or liquids seeping in. If the motherboard of your phone is damaged for any reason, we are here for you to get this problem fixed and get your phone running again in record time. Call us or visit our store for services.

Battery Replacement

In addition to the longer battery life of the iPhone 13 pro max, its ability to charge and hold a charge is impressive. However, if you experience problems with wire or wireless charging, we suggest you contact Mobile Experts for iPhone repair in Brisbane. Give us a call and our expert will be at your service with the original battery for your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

Water-damage Repair

Getting caught up in the moment can lead to your device landing in a splash zone! With an IP68 rating, your iPhone 13 Pro Max should be protected from water up to 30 minutes deep if it falls into the water. There are times when the damage is worse than expected. After an incident occurs, water damage often recurs. You should have your device inspected if you notice any issues. Water damage is possible, so it should be inspected by a professional to prevent moisture from spreading. We will be there to help you

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