Common Battery Related Issues in iPhone 11 Pro – A General Discussion

iPhone 11 Pro Battery Issue

When things come down to dealing with a bad iPhone battery, you have your job cut out.  It is not a single problem that plagues you because of battery and related issues. As per the experts, there is a string of problems that plague iPhones of every model, and iPhone 11 Pro is no exception. 

Here are a bunch of problems that you will have to face due to battery-related problems. Now before we get into the thick of things, we would like to state that in most cases battery-related issues can be solved without the intervention of the professionals. 

Yet, if you fail to solve the issues get in touch with us at Mobile Expert. Our highly skilled experts will go out to fix your phone. You will be able to find us on your search engine, by using phrases like ‘fix my iPhone’. We will come up with a professional service. However, certain battery-related issues need the intervention of professionals like us. However, let us get into the issues and discuss them for your perusal. 

Charging Issues 

At times you will find that your iPhone 11 Pro refuses to get charged. At times, the phone will charge the phone only when you hold it at a certain angle. At times, you will find that after you have left the phone to be charged, the charge meter has gone up by only 5%. At times, when you charge the phone you will find the lighting bolt sign only when you hold the phone with the charger. When you take your hand off, the sign disappears. This can be a result of defective jack. 

Battery Drops in a Hurry, in Chunks

This is a unique, yet frustrating problem that the users of iPhones at times face, and the ones with iPhone 11 is no exception. They will at times find, more so during the journey that their battery power suddenly has dropped to 60 from 100 percent and from 60 percent to 20 percent.  This is the fall out of the faulty of the battery. 

The Gadget Shuts Down With the Battery Remaining

There are times when you find that even though there is a substantial amount of battery power remaining, your phone shuts down and it will refuse to even start even if you have the battery juice intact.

The Battery Does Not Charge 100 Percent and Drains out Too Fast

At instances, you will find that your iPhone 11 Pro will not charge up 100 percent, and even if it does so, it will lose its juice pretty fast, even if you are not using it for too long or even if you have not used it at all.

The last two fallouts may very well be the reasons for an outgrown or swelled battery. This happens due to a phenomenon called outgassing, which happens due to constant overcharging, damage, or when the battery simply gets old. When that happens, the chemical reaction that triggers the functionality of the battery stops or breaks down, generating a gas.  

In all these cases, bring your gadget to our store at Mobile Expert for professional iPhone 11 Pro repair in Brisbane for a  prompt and perfect repair.  For further details, call us at 0405492202 and 0452302202.

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