Where To Get Professionally iPad Screen / Replacement in Brisbane, Paddington

iPad Repairs Services in Brisbane At Mobile Expert, in Brisbane, we repair Apple devices at very affordable rates, within short periods, and we guarantee good quality of all our parts. We have the best technician for iPad repairs service in Brisbane iPad Glass screen replacement A broken screen means that Continue Reading

How To Clean Your Laptop Fan Properly To Prevent Device Overheating?

To keep the processor inside the laptop cool, a fan comes equipped with these devices. But over time, the working capability of the fan decreases and hence it needs to be cleaned to prevent the device from overheating. To clean the fan, you can call in technicians in Brisbane or Continue Reading

Why is it Important to Get Your Computer or Laptop Repaired by a Pro?

Some general or common problems in laptops or computers can be fixed easily. But when and if the problem seems complex or you are unable to fix it yourself, you will need to take the appliance or device to a local professional in Brisbane. Otherwise, if you are inexperienced and Continue Reading

Signs that Say Your Microsoft Surface or Macbook Needs Repairs

Macbook and Microsoft surfaces are different devices, but belonging to the same genre. Hence, when they go for a toss, they show somewhat the same signs that will tell you that it’s time to take your device for repairs. So here are the signs that will tell you that all Continue Reading

What are the Principle Features of iPhone 13? A Concise Discussion

iPhone 13, the latest avatar of Apple’s handsets has already created a lot of buzz all over the world. The market is agog with its features, the looks and technical nitty-gritty of the various models that the latest model of iPhone comes in. The Models… The iPhone 13 comes in Continue Reading

iPhone Xs Max Screen Repair Service – A Brief Account of the DO’s

Have you accidentally damaged the screen of your iPhone Xs Max? Or is that it has suddenly turned unresponsive leaving you in a tongue in cheek condition? Anyway, you need to take the gadget immediately to a authorised iPhone repair centre with technicians who are accredited to provide customer support Continue Reading

Smart DIY Hacks to Remove Scratches from Your Samsung S20 Plus Screen

At some point, we’ve all committed the mistake of tossing our pricey Samsung S20 smartphone inside the jacket pocket/purse/backpack without a screen cover only to get mad with rage on noticing a scratch on its display screen. Yup… we all know the feeling! Resultantly, the first thought which pops up Continue Reading

Common Battery Related Issues in iPhone 11 Pro – A General Discussion

When things come down to dealing with a bad iPhone battery, you have your job cut out.  It is not a single problem that plagues you because of battery and related issues. As per the experts, there is a string of problems that plague iPhones of every model, and iPhone Continue Reading

What Tools Do the Experts Use to Replace and Repair an iPhone XR Screen?

Some people have a knack of doing things themselves. Well, this is appreciable in some cases. However, in some other situations, it is NOT! Take, for instance, fixing your iPhone XR screen. You need appropriate tools for the replacement. Again, even if you have the tools, you must know the Continue Reading

What if Your Google Pixel 3XL Has Significant Water Damage?

At times, you feel the heat of using such high tech gadgets like Google Pixel 3 XL, more so when you drop them in water, or the device gets in contact with water by any other known or unknown way and gets damaged. And it can happen in so many Continue Reading

Troubleshooting iPhone XR Motherboard Problems – An Overview

iOS has always fascinated people regardless of generations, and it has been going on since the first products rolled out of Apple labs decades back. Still, the products have never been free of blues. Glitches here and there have been plaguing the traditional customers, though fortunately, they never managed to Continue Reading

4 Most Common Samsung Issues that Can’t Be Solved without Professional Repairs

With rapid technological advancement, there have been significant improvements in Smartphone technology and more and more people are shifting towards cell phones that come with high-tech specifications, HD camera and classy features to suit their customised requirements. However, over time and use, technical malfunctions are common with any gadget and Continue Reading

Is Your Smartphone Screen Flickering? Know How to Fix It

Are you just gifted with a favourite model of Smartphone and can’t wait to try it? However, it seems disappointing when its screen doesn’t stop flickering. Initially, it may seem an isolated issue, but it persists longer than what you thought.   What is Flickering Screen? A malfunctioning smartphone screen with Continue Reading

How the Professionals Separate an iPhone XR Screen to Replace It?

When it comes to repairing the screen of an iPhone XR, it entirely depends upon the extent of the damage. If the screen is knocked out beyond repair or is cracked, there is no way you can go to an iPhone XR screen repair company in Brisbane. Replacing it will Continue Reading

Experiencing Dead or Stuck Pixel on the Phone? Know How to Fix It

Dead pixels happen when a single pixel in a display stops lighting up, causing a persistent black dot on the screen. It’s almost difficult to fix a dead pixel, and it may need you to replace the screen.  What Does it Cause Dead Pixel?  According to professionals for iPhone XR Continue Reading

Google Pixel 3 Screen Turned Black? Follow These Useful Tips to Fix It

Has your Google Pixel 3 screen turned black? Well, Black screen issue is one of the significant problems of almost all smartphones. Phone screens have the most important functions as compared to other parts of a smartphone. The screens of smartphones play the roles of a screen monitor as well Continue Reading

iPhone XS/ XS Max/ 11, 11 Pro Water Damage Repair in Brisbane

Professional & Reliable iPhone Xs/Xs Max/11, 11 Pro Water Damage Repair In Brisbane Have you mistakenly dropped your iPhone in water? Is your phone refusing to start? Even though most iPhone support water-resistant feature but the intricate components often becomes vulnerable to damage when it comes in direct contact with Continue Reading

Smart Fixing Hacks for Samsung Galaxy Screen Touch Problem

Are you facing issues with the touch screen of your Samsung Galaxy S10? Do you want to know some effective ways to fix it? Smartphones might have a few issues after it has been used for a long time. It is evident that many users have been facing screen touch issues Continue Reading

6 Irrefutable Risks of Using iPhone 11 With A Cracked Screen

Good were the old days when dropping your NOKIA 1100 or 3310 was no biggie! You pick it up, dust it off and continue with whatever you were doing. It is easy-peasy!  Nowadays it’s like every time your expensive smartphone or in this case (your Apple iPhone 11) drops; it Continue Reading

Issues with Smartphone Ear Speaker and Fixing Them – An Overview

A vast number of reasons may be behind a non-functional ear speaker of a smartphone. And this can happen to even the best brands in the market of the stature of Samsung. When that happens, you need to take your gadget to a reputed and authorised mobile service centre, which Continue Reading

Know Why Should You Opt for Repairing Digitizer in iPhone Screen

People are falling for iPhone 8, 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XR, XS, XS Max, amongst many other smartphones. Cracked and broken screen of smartphones has become an annoying issue nowadays. So, before you take your iPhone for repair or replacement, you have to understand whether the digitiser needs replacement Continue Reading

Power Button of Samsung Has Broken – Tips to Switch On Your Phone

The incidents of the broken power button in android devices is not something out of the context issue. The situation often pops up and disturbs most of the Android users. In some cases, the power button gets so much pushed inside the phone; it becomes quite tricky to be pulled Continue Reading

The MUST TAKE Steps Once You Have a Cracked or Broken iPhone Screen

You will find people looking at the screen of their phones with the eagerness of looking at the mirror.  This is also evident from their increasing knack of clicking selfies now and then. Hence, you see, an iPhone or a smartphone is not just a communication device any more.  It Continue Reading

3 Smart Hacks to Protect Your iPhone Screen from Cracks and Breaks for Years

Do you have the habit of messing up with your cellphone? Well, if you are too casual in handling your Smartphone and have encountered broken screen issues previously, it’s high time to keep your activities in check. Buying iPhone is a costly affair and a slight mishandling can result in Continue Reading

Struggling With An Android Smartphone That Doesn’t Charge? Here’s What Causes It

No doubt it is one problem that you have faced at some point. At a long day’s end; you find your phone on the brink of drying. To make it active again; you plug it in, but nothing happens.  Now, this can be very frustrating feeling, especially when smartphones have Continue Reading

How Risky is it to Keep on Using iPhone XS Max when the Screen is Broken?

It’s really unfortunate if you get your brand new iPhone XS broken or cracked accidentally! It’s super expensive and also the repair can prove to be a costly affair. But, once it is broken, you cannot let it be like that for too long without taking any initiative of repairing Continue Reading

“Don’t Give Up On Your iPhone With A Cracked Screen Yet” – Says Mobile Expert

That dreaded moment when your iPhone slips and its screen smashes to so many pieces are not only unsightly, but it can literally make your device unusable. But, “Mobile Expert”- your reliable mobile repair shop believes you don’t have to break your bank to fix it. If you have an iPhone with Continue Reading

Dropped Your Samsung S10 in the Toilet – Here’s What to Do?

As it so happens; you’ve dropped your Samsung S10 model into your commode. So, does that mean everything is lost now? Mobile Expert– specialising in smartphone repair services in Brisbane believes it most certainly is not. We understand that your world comes to a momentary stand-still when you drop your Continue Reading

Discussing The 3 Common Samsung s10 & s10 Plus Problems

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