6 Irrefutable Risks of Using iPhone 11 With A Cracked Screen

iPhone 11 Screen Repair

Good were the old days when dropping your NOKIA 1100 or 3310 was no biggie! You pick it up, dust it off and continue with whatever you were doing. It is easy-peasy! 

Nowadays it’s like every time your expensive smartphone or in this case (your Apple iPhone 11) drops; it gives you a mini heart attack (along with a boat-load of curse words to vent out your frustration). 

Indeed, times have changed and along with it, the nature of smartphones. Today, manufacturers use acrylic or glass for the display. And although the intuitiveness of using smartphones has gone up a notch, one drop is enough to shatter its screen, functionality, productivity (and along with it your hopes of using this for a long span). 

You’ve got to appreciate the irony! 

However, some users give their smartphones more credit than it deserves. Even with the screen cracked or shards of glass the verge of falling off, they continue using it every day like nothing ever happened! 

But truth be told- It Is NOT SAFE To Use Your iPhone 11 (or any model for that matter). 

Here’s Why? 

1. Touch Screen Malfunctions:- 

Believe this- your iPhone 11 with a cracked screen won’t get any better with time. With more use, the touch screen capacity of your device will get compromised or less responsive to your finger gestures. 

Furthermore, oil, dust, and external debris make their way into your device and damage it from the inside through time and more use! 

2. Fingers Get Prone To Sharp Glass Splinters:- 

When swiping of using your iPhone 11 cracked screen; you possible get small yet sharp glass splinters which cut through your fingers and hurt you. 

This becomes even more painful, then it is not you, but your daughter or son who gets tiny shards of glass stuck in their delicate fingers. 

3. You’ll Develop A Sore Eye:- 

iPhone 11 comes with an HD-display screen that gives you a wonderful viewing experience. But when it breaks, it makes it difficult to see the display screen and view the content from those cracked areas. With continued use, it leaves you with an eyesore. 

4. Your Device is No Longer Safe From Outside Elements:- 

The display screen safeguards your iPhone 11 device from external elements that could possibly kill your phone. Unfortunately, when that screen cracks, your device is no longer protected from the outside elements. 

Liquid is one of the biggest dangers to your cracked screen device simply because it can seep through the cracks and cause a short circuit. 

5. Risks Of Perilous Radiation:- 

As per the IARC or International Agency for Research Cancer- radio-frequency from smartphones can prove very carcinogenic for humans. Using smartphones already emit some perilous radiation, and when the screen cracks open; you get more exposed to the radiation source and prone to health risks in the near future. 

6. Doing Daily Tasks Becomes More Difficult With Every Day:- 

Your iPhone 11 device comes with GPS tracking (much like any modern-day smartphone). But when the screen cripples or cracks, it makes it very difficult for regular users (you included) to navigate through uncharted territories. 

Unable to understand the directions; you glance at your device more, thus making you lose focus on the road ahead and giving rise to a potential safety hazard. 

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Now that you are well-versed with the dangers of using a cracked screen iPhone 11 device; bring your damaged device to our workshop and allow our iPhone 11 Screen Repair technicians serving in Brisbane to take care of it. 

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  • We keep our repair costs as per the industry standards.
  • And; we ensure your device is repaired quickly (if possible on the same-day). 

Mobile Expert has been associated with the phone repair business for years. And having performed countless cracked screen repairs for models of all brands; we will ensure your device functionality is restored to normal. 

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