4 Most Common Samsung Issues that Can’t Be Solved without Professional Repairs

Common Samsung Issues

With rapid technological advancement, there have been significant improvements in Smartphone technology and more and more people are shifting towards cell phones that come with high-tech specifications, HD camera and classy features to suit their customised requirements.

However, over time and use, technical malfunctions are common with any gadget and Samsung is no exception in this regard.

If you have recently bought a Samsung S10 phone, here are a few common glitches you should be aware of.

1. Cracked or Broken Screen

No matter how durable your Smartphone’s screen is, if your device accidentally hits the ground, it will break to pieces of become cracked instantly. A cracked phone screen is not only unsightly but harmful to your fingers. For people who consider fixing it alone often end up doing more damage than good. So to make your phone run like new and in good health, it would be better to seek professional help where the expert technicians can fix cracked Samsung screen efficiently or replace it with a new one.

2. Water-Damaged Smartphone

Even if you have splurged to buy a water-proof Smartphone, yet the risk of liquid-damage remains there. The internal circuits of Smartphones are delicate and water penetration can damage the motherboard and other circuitry completely.

The moment your Smartphone drops into the water, you need to remove the SIM card, battery and memory cards to prevent further damage to your device. In case, you lack confidence or expertise, you can hire technicians who can do fix your issues and restore your Smartphone.

3. Battery Not Charging or Damaged

Samsung phone not charging is a recurring chore which can’t be fixed without professional Samsung repair in Brisbane. Even if you keep your phone to charge overnight, you might notice your device giving pop up signals saying insufficient power. Well, it’s common to blame the charger or the power plug at first, but before doing that ensure your battery is in good condition. Try uninstalling apps that drain battery quickly and check the power outlets. Even after trying if you notice the same problem, it’s better to seek help from professional technicians.

4. Damaged/Broken Power Button

Samsung power button is similar to the home button in terms of looks and functionality. If your Samsung S10 power button isn’t functioning that well, you can try cleaning around the button initially to solve the issue. However, if this trick doesn’t work, you can plug your phone at the charger port and allow it to charge for about 20minutes. If this helps fine, but in case it fails to work, you can opt for professional Samsung S10 repair in Brisbane to fix the issue.

Professional Samsung Repairs with 100% Guarantee

Whatever be the make or model, Smartphones are prone to technical malfunctions over time and use. At Mobile Expert, we comprise of a team of professional and skilled technicians who provide prompt, reliable Samsung S10 repair in Brisbane with a 100% guarantee. Our products are original and verified to ensure you get guaranteed results without burning a hole in your pocket.

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