3 Smart Hacks to Protect Your iPhone Screen from Cracks and Breaks for Years

Protect iPhone Screen

Do you have the habit of messing up with your cellphone? Well, if you are too casual in handling your Smartphone and have encountered broken screen issues previously, it’s high time to keep your activities in check.

Buying iPhone is a costly affair and a slight mishandling can result in repairs worth thousands of dollars!  iPhone is sensitive compared to other Smartphones and therefore, you need to take extra care to prevent your costly phone screen from shattering into pieces.

Here are a couple of smart ways by which you can protect your phone’s screen from breaking or damage.

  • Invest in Sturdy Screen Protectors

If you have recently splurged on iPhone, you need to invest in quality accessories to keep it safe. iPhone’s screen is delicate; therefore, the first thing you need to consider is applying a sturdy screen protector which can protect your phone against rough handling. There are plenty of screen protectors available out of which you can choose plastic or tempered glass which can fit your budget and keep your phone safe from breaking. They act as a protective shield to the iPhone screen glass and helps in absorbing the shock when your Smartphone accidentally hits the ground.

  • Consider a Good Backcover

If you want to save bill on cracked iPhone screen repair, it’s wise to invest in a good back cover that can protect the phone from rough handling and dropping. A reliable back cover comes with soft cushion backing that protects the edges of your iPhone with firm ridges and keeps the internal circuits safe against the rough hits. Moreover, firm edges help to absorb the shock when you accidentally drop your delicate phone into the ground. iPhone is known to have intricate features and circuits. However, accidents are not under anyone’s control. To be on the safer side, it’s better to invest in a premium quality back case.

  • Tampered Glass Protectors are Best

Among the gamut of screen protectors available in the market, you may get confused about which one will be suitable for your treasured possession. To prolong the shelf life of your Smartphone, you can buy tampered glass protectors which can withstand heavy shocks than the basic ones in the event of a phone break or drop. Not only tampered glass act as shock absorbers but also keep the screen safe from dirt or scratches. Unlike other screen guards, tampered glass comes with a sturdy film that protects your costly piece from permanent spots and scratches.

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