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What We Fix?

iPhone Repairs

Mobile expert technicians that are highly trained in iPhone screen repairs, iPad Screen Repair Brisbane , Samsung Repairs. We are using proven methods of professional iPhone repair and quality reliable parts. Mobile expert technicians can repair 99% of devices.

iPad Repairs

Pad Screen repair is our specialty. we are one of the original Brisbane service providers for fast high quality iPad Screen repairs in Brisbane. We offer full in house repairs service for the iPad. We offer a full 6-month warranty on your iPad after repairs.

Computer Repairs

Laptop hard drive issues can cause data loss and seriously impair normal use of your machine. Therefore, it is a problem that needs to be assessed and resolved by expert technicians. Mobile expert technician facing these problems every day and tried to fix most of them.

Some Other Common Issue We Can Fix

iPad Repairs Brisbane

Logic-Board Repairs

Whether you have Water Damaged or Cracked screen phone. Mobile Expert has best Certified Technician in the industry. They can fix all problem with mother-board for an example, Touch IC, Dead phone, FPC Connector.


MacBook Repairs

MacBook is the most difficult Apple laptop to identify. Our technicians will carefully disassembly your computer and replace the damaged screen, keyboard, or hard drive with a brand new part to get the machine back to working.

Mobile Phone Repairs Brisbane

If you have a broken, cracked or shattered iPhone screen. Did you know studies show that one-quarter of all iPhone phones has a damaged screen? Common issue is mobile phone repairs Brisbane . In fact, a broken screen is one of the most common iPhone issues with is caused by drop and the average user puts up with a broken screen for a full half year before upgrading to a new iPhone. But why spend money on a brand-new device when you could fix your iPhone screen for just a fraction of the cost and most of repair done within 1 hour and we back our repair with 6 months warranty.

Water Damaged Repairs

25% of iPhone users report having damaged their device, and water damage is one of the biggest problems. 15% of those with a broken iPhone point to liquid damage as the culprit. Luckily, the certified, trained technicians at Mobile Expert have the expertise and experience to troubleshoot and repair your water-damaged iPhone, whether you spilled your morning cup of coffee all over your device or accidently dropped it in the toilet. We’ll repair your smartphone for less money and less time. Depending on the specific repair, our technicians may even be able to repair your you wait.

iPhone 6 & 6 Plus Touch IC Repair Brisbane

Number of an increasing iPhone users are comping up an issue with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones freezing up and becoming unresponsive to touch and coming up top grey bar. Apple has an name for it called: “Touch disease.”There are a lots of iPhones in all world, so a problem that affects a fraction of a per cent of devices could potentially impact thousands of users.